Q and A - Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash

Q and A - Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash


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Thu 11 Mar 2021 - Sat 13 Mar 2021

Quipster and strummer Eric Tinker is returning to Adelaide Fringe this year with his very own variety show Mishmash Smash, which will incorporate comedic songs, banter and waggish rewrites of pop standards.

In anticipation of their participation at the upcoming Adelaide Fringe Festival, I was able to have a chat with artist Derek Tickner - have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Derek?
Derek: Eric Tinker is my stage name - I am a comedian, improviser, photographer and writer. I also have a day job as a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst. I came from Brisbane for last year's Adelaide Fringe and was planning a world tour. This project was thwarted by a certain pandemic, so I have thrown myself into the local comedy scene, getting the laughs at The Cranker, The Gov and the Rhino Room. I have previously performed at festivals, clubs and pubs around Australia and in my native England, as well as in Canada and South East Asia. My style is influenced by the likes of Spike Milligan, The Bonzo Dog Band, Wilson Dixon and Flight of the Conchords.

Tema: What is the basic premise Mismash Smash, without giving too much away?
Derek: Eric's previous Fringe shows featured him doing an hour of musical comedy and banter. Mishmash Smash sees Eric hosting his own mini-variety show. He mashes together new ditties and jokes and the best songs from his previous shows. And each show will have three guest spots, featuring comedians, singers and comic magicians. Eric will also be reading the mind of an audience member and, amazingly, improvise a song from their thoughts!

Tema: How long has Mishmash Smash been running for, as part of the Adelaide Fringe and how has it evolved over the past few seasons?
Derek: This is the first run of Mishmash Smash, it has evolved out of my two previous Fringe shows, Tinkerings (2019) and Eric in Tinkerland (2020). I have met so many talented artists from all genres in the year that I've been in Adelaide; I thought it would be fun to showcase some of these acts in Eric's show.

Tema: What do you hope for your audiences to experience from attending your show? You will be appearing in 2 more shows - Musical Improv (The Immature Amateurs) and Myth plus Music equals Mayhem - would you like to tell us a bit about them?
%%Derek: The Immature Amateurs are a diverse troupe of professional performers who have come together to present an hour of improvisation set to live music played by Jai, our multi-instrumentalist. Suggestions from the audience will dictate each 'scene', with the plot and songs made up on the spot! Each show will be totally original and different! Nothing is more ethereal than improv. The Immature Amateurs are acclaimed street performer Matt 'Banana Man' Eberhart; stand-up comic, poet and actor Rich Jay; smoky-voiced chanteuse Barbarella; professional busker Jai Lee-Martin; musician and producer Rob Butvila; and myself, appearing as Eric Tinker.

Myth plus Music equals Mayhem features three comedians for the price of one! Adelaide funny lady Ron-Diggity Dawg, veteran of the Brisbane comedy circuit Denzo and musical comedian Eric 'no fixed abode' Tinker present an hour of laughs from three contrary comedians.Adelaide funny lady Ron-Diggity Dawg tickles onlookers with her ridiculous observations. She's hustled her way onto the comedy scene and made this year's Raw state final. She has performed in pubs and clubs in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Veteran of the Brisbane comedy circuit, Denzo is a comic who has never acted his age, which is good as late shows would be past his bedtime. He is wacky, fun and 'spanking the age barrier'. This is his first Adelaide Fringe, he has appeared at the Brisbane Comedy Festival and throughout SE Queensland, the northern rivers of NSW, Hawaii and the UK. And Eric Tinker will be providing a bizarre musical interlude. Each comic will do a fifteen-minute solo spot and will band together for the intro and outro. I am so looking forward to sharing the stage with these funny guys!%%

Tema: What encouraged you to apply for a spot in the Adelaide Fringe?
Derek: After two successful shows in previous years, I'm hooked! I love the atmosphere of the Fringe, Adelaide comes alive. I love performing and getting laughs and Adelaide audiences are the best!

Tema: How has COVID-19 shaped your passion for the performing arts?
Derek: To be honest, COVID hasn't had much effect on my artistic output. After last year's Fringe, I was planning a world tour, including Edinburgh Fringe. Well, that didn't happen, but I am so lucky to get stuck in Adelaide - one of the safest places in the world right now. Because we've only had limited lockdowns, I've been able to get stage time at various venues on Adelaide's vibrant comedy and music circuits.

Tema: What are you hoping to achieve from your participation at Adelaide Fringe?
Derek: Getting more people along to my show, making them laugh and they spread the word! Word of mouth is the best publicity any performer can have.

Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash will be performing at The Griffins Hotel as part of the Adelaide Fringe from March 11 - 13, 2021. Tix can be purchased here .

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