Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary

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Posted 2016-08-28 by Elainefollow
A precious pearl in the crown of Buderim - a secret place only the locals appear to know about!

And what a jewel it is - nine hectares (twenty-three acres) on the eastern slopes of Buderim Mountain you'll find the Foote Sanctuary - a stunning location to observe Buderim's fauna and flora. A local farming community family, the Foote family, gifted this land to the community association, now known as the Buderim War Memorial Community Association, in 1948 - the land dedication was to the memory of their son, Eric, who had been killed in the fighting at the Somme during the First World War.

From 1903 this land had been used to farm different crops; it was later handed over to the local council for administration purposes, who then suggested this land should be sold as there didn't appear to be much public interest. Fortunately for us, the local community put up a fuss, which resulted in the formation of a voluntary committee in 1963, who took on the task to clear the overgrowth and create a sanctuary of attractive rainforest and native bushland for everyone in Buderim to enjoy.

Enjoy a stroll, or if you prefer, something a bit more challenging, on one of the many walking tracks — six in total - these walking trails are marked 'easy to moderate' or 'difficult' and strong walking legs are required to take on the 'difficult' of these paths.

Botanic Track - 20 minutes - follows a sealed path through 'young' rainforest, with picturesque creeks and native plantings making this the most popular of the Sanctuary walks (Easy - Moderate);

Cascade Circuit - 40 minutes - This track is a steep descent from the sealed track, but well worth it to view the permanent water flow over the basalt rocks set amongst the young rainforest canopy (Moderate);

Southern Track - 15 minutes - This is a lovely undulating bush track that will take you through the original plantations that were established more than forty years ago (Easy);

Brant's Circuit - one hour - This circuit will take walkers through an area donated to the community by the Brant family. The birdlife is abundant through the rainforest sections - be aware that the walk back to the gazebo is all uphill (Moderate - Difficult);
Challenge Track - (one hour) - This is a steeper circuit than the other tracks but well worth the views across the Northwest. One can see Little Eagles, Pacific Bazas', Lorikeets and Wrens who all find shelter in this woodland vegetation (Moderate - Difficult);
Eucalyptus Track - (45 minutes) - This is a beautiful walk through natural woodland forest and eucalyptus (gum tree) plantings -plenty of birds to be seen, on the ground and in the trees (Moderate)

We had our grandson with us so decided the Botanic Track (Easy to Moderate) was the way to go - and what an absolute delight this was. Benches are strategically placed, allowing you to sit and enjoy a multitude of bird calls - there are over eighty recorded species of birds in this haven (both resident and migratory) - and we were absolutely thrilled to be treated to the sight of not one, but FOUR Australian King Parrots. We also came across a fat little green bird that appeared to enjoy being in the river bed, it looked a bit like a green Robin, but I'm not sure what it was - perhaps an Emerald Ground Dove?

The flora consists of beautiful wooded areas, stands of rainforest, eucalyptus, tree-ferns, melaleucas and eugenias - a large proportion of these plants are labelled for botany enthusiasts, even giving the Aboriginal medicinal usage for the different plant sections. This superb flora and fauna reserve has over two hundred and seventy-two indigenous flora species and is a haven for birds and a habitat for a range of larger mammals including the swamp wallaby.

There are a few different entrances, but the main entrance, for cars, is located on Foote Avenue, just off the Buderim-Mooloolaba Road with plenty of park spaces available.

A wonderfully serene spot to have a family picnic - our furry family members are welcome too, as long as they're on a leash - with an undercover gazebo, electric barbecues, tap water, ablution block, picnic tables and a large grassed area to throw a blanket down and lie back to listen to the sounds of nature that embrace you.

A truly magical spot - a pearl of a Sanctuary that Buderim can call its own!

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