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Posted 2018-05-07 by Steven Morganfollow

Wed 09 May 2018

There's an ever-growing English language comedy scene in the Netherlands, with a combination of home-grown talent and ex-pats filling the scene with observations that have to be seen to be believed. With its huge international contingent in Radboud, it was only a matter of time before they looked to take advantage of it.

Theaterhall C will play host to some of the funniest comedians the current scene has to offer: professional comedians who regularly perform around the country and further afield and with a reputation that pulls the punters back every time.

Headlining is the hilarious Michael J& #1235 ;ger, a comedian who will regularly leave you saying "Did he just say that!?" between bouts of laughter. Michael is a German who has lived in the Netherlands for many years now, and is founder of the Funnyshop comedy night at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. His hilarious takes on stereotypes combined with his ability to weave a narrative that has you hanging on his every word is a joy to behold.

Michael will be joined by two other comedians with outstanding reputations, namely Sam Humes (UK) and Neil Robinson (CA). Sam applies his Britishness to his acute observational comedy while you may know Neil from his hilarious YouTube channel Survival Guide to the Dutch.

The night will be MC'd by Tim van 't Hull, a self-confessed nerd whose way with words will turn you into putty in his hands. His humour is thoughtful and makes you think while making you laugh, covering everything from film to fossil fuels.

With tickets being sold at a paltry €3, this is truly an amazing line-up to welcome this new night to Nijmegen's ever increasing English-language arts scene. The night is being run in cohoots with Zuva Martens Entertainment who have had a big influence in the comedy events being run in the city to date, and as such, you can be sure that it's in safe hands.

Prepare to laugh Nijmegen, you're in for a treat.

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