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10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars

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by Marisa Quinn-Haisu (subscribe)
My name is Marisa. I am a fiction writer, a blogger, and a freelance journalist.
Published May 10th 2019
I've been waiting for this for over 20 years
10Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Stars is the final season of the original Sailor Moon anime

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In 2014, Viz Media acquired the licence to all 200 episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime, the three feature films and the re-booted anime Sailor Moon Crystal. Viz Media vowed to re-dub the entire series in English and release it unedited and uncensored with the original Japanese names, music, story elements and relationships. The new English cast was even personally approved by the creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi. The rights to the new Viz Media dub were acquired by Madmen Entertainment in Australia in December 2015. The cult classic anime got a re-release on DVD and Blu-Ray much to the delight of Sailor Moon fans.

The most exciting thing about Viz Media's acquisition of Sailor Moon was that it meant that the series fifth season, Sailor Stars, would finally be dubbed and released in English. Sailor Stars has never been released in English. The first dub of Sailor Moon was done in 1995 by DIC. DIC received a lot of criticism for heavily censoring the show to remove Japanese names and references and altering any scenes that featured death, nudity, or homosexual relationships. DIC only released 82 episodes of the show, before they lost the rights and it was cancelled. In 1998, a further 17 episodes of the show were dubbed and released to complete the second half of season two. In 1999, a new production company, Cloverway, acquired the rights to the show and dubbed season three and season four with less censorship, editing and cuts. In 2002, the rights to the show lapsed again and were returned to Toei in Japan.

The reason why Sailor Stars has never been dubbed and released into English is because of licencing issues and three new characters who appear in the fifth season called the Sailor Starlights. The Starlights are characters who are biologically male in the original anime who can transform into female Sailor Guardians called the Sailor Starlights. The Sailor Starlights have been censored very heavily in other dubs around the world. Viz Media has shown so far that it can be trusted with the Sailor Moon franchise. It has kept its promise to release the show unedited and uncut. I am very excited to finally be able to see Sailor Stars uncensored in English. If you have never seen Stars, than be warned, this article contains SPOILERS. Here are 10 things I'm excited to see in the English release of Sailor Stars:

1. Eternal Sailor Moon

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Moon evolves into Eternal Sailor Moon

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Eternal Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon's fifth and final Sailor Suit that she wears in the series and the most powerful form she takes just prior to becoming Neo-Queen Serenity. Eternal Sailor Moon has a winged compact and wears white knee-high boots, a blue, yellow and red skirt with a long red thin blow attached to the back, long white gloves that go past her elbows, puffed pink sleeves, a large crescent moon on her forehead instead of a tiara and has large white wings attached to the back of her suit. Usagi transform into Eternal Sailor Moon by shouting "Moon Eternal, Make Up!"

2. Sailor Moon Becomes More Powerful

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Moon gains powerful new weapons and abilities

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The Eternal Tiare is Sailor Moon's strongest and most powerful weapon ever. The Eternal Tiare is formed in the anime from the Moon Kaleido Scope when the nine Sailor Guardians give their power to Sailor Moon to allow her to evolve into Eternal Sailor Moon. The Eternal Tiare is a long white rod with a large red crown-shaped gem mounted on top. Sailor Moon uses the Eternal Tiare for two attacks in Sailor Stars. The first one she uses it for is Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. The second attack that she performs with the Eternal Tiare is her final and strongest attack that she performs in the anime. Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss is an attack that combines the Eternal Tiare with the Holy Moon Chalice to create a new item called the Moon Power Tiare. Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss is an attack that only appeared in the anime and has the power to heal and to destroy.

3. Darker and More Mature Themes

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Stars is a lot darker than earlier seasons of Sailor Moon

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Sailor Stars is the darkest and most violent season of Sailor Moon. It's one of the reasons why it's my favourite. There are still funny moments and silly episodes. But there is also a lot of violence, torture and death. The old English dubbed version of Sailor Moon was censored and watered down until it became something suitable for very young children. Sailor Stars uncensored is not intended for little kids. If you've only ever seen the censored version of Sailor Moon, woo boy, Sailor Stars is going to feel very different.

4. The Return of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
All ten of the Sailor Guardians unite for one last fight

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Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto were not included in the fourth season of Sailor Moon. It's one of the things I hate most about the fourth season. It was so exciting when Pluto was introduced in season two and when Uranus, Neptune and Saturn joined the team in season three. Season four dropped them to focus heavily on Chibi-Usa. It was a bad re-direction for the anime to take. The quality of the season suffered. I love that season five reunites all ten of the Sailor Guardians.

5. The Introduction of Sailor Chibi Chibi

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Moon meets a strange little girl who has unusual powers

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Sailor Chibi Chibi is a new character who is introduced in Sailor Stars. She is a little girl who looks a lot like Usagi and Chibi Usa. Her civilian identity is a little girl with red-pink hair who is called Chibi Chibi. Chibi Chibi has the appearance of a three-year-old girl and can only say one word, which is Chibi Chibi. Chibi Chibi can transform into a Sailor Guardian called Sailor Chibi Chibi. Sailor Chibi Chibi is a very powerful and mysterious Sailor Guardian who becomes an important ally of Eternal Sailor Moon and the other Guardians.

6. Queen Nehellenia Returns

10 Reasons To Watch Sailor Stars
Queen Nehellenia returns to target the Sailor Guardians and their dreams

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Queen Nehellenia is the main villain who appears in season four of Sailor Moon. She returns in the first part of Sailor Stars to finish her storyline. The Queen Nehellenia half of Sailor Stars is one of my favourite storylines in Sailor Moon. It features all ten of the Sailor Guardians facing off against Nehellenia and some really interesting moments between some characters. It also has a much darker feel than much of season four did and feels closer to the manga.

7. Sailor Saturn Unleashes Her Power

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Saturn reawakens and joins the fight

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Sailor Saturn is one of the most interesting characters in Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn (civilian name Hotaru Tomoe) is the Sailor Guardian of Death and Rebirth. Sailor Saturn and Hotaru Tomoe are introduced in season three of Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn's awakening is feared by some of the other Guardians who think of her as an omen of death because of her destructive powers. But Sailor Saturn proves them wrong and ends up saving the world instead of destroying it after she awakens. After succeeding in obliterating Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn is reborn into a baby. Sailor Moon rescues baby Hotaru and gives her to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to safeguard. In Sailor Stars, we find out that Hotaru has started ageing rapidly, and her powers are manifesting themselves again. Hotaru re-awakens into Sailor Saturn and transforms herself and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto into Super Sailor Guardians using her immense power. Sailor Saturn then encourages Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to join Sailor Moon and the other Guardians in the fight against Queen Nehellenia. The re-introduction of Sailor Saturn is one of the best parts about Sailor Stars.

8. Sailor Galaxia arrives on Earth

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Galaxia is the biggest threat the Guardians have ever faced

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Sailor Galaxia is the main antagonist in Sailor Stars. What makes Sailor Galaxia so interesting and different compared to the other villains in Sailor Moon is that she is a Sailor Guardian herself. Galaxia is the most powerful Sailor Guardian in the galaxy and the Golden Queen of the Shadow Galactica. In Sailor Stars we learn that every planetary body in the galaxy has its own Sailor Guardian and that there was once a Sailor War, in which numerous Guardians fought against Chaos, the origin of all malice. Galaxia is a survivor of that war and arrives on Earth corrupted by Chaos and seeking to destroy Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians.

9. The Sailor Animates search for Star Seeds

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko are on the hunt for true star seeds

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In the anime, the Sailor Animates are Sailor Guardians from other planets who were good once but then had their Star Seeds removed and were corrupted by Sailor Galaxia and Chaos. The Sailor Animates work for Galaxia and all wear gold bracelets which keep them alive without Star Seeds and allow them to remove other people's Star Seeds. Star Seeds are glittering diamonds that are the embodiment of all life itself. They can be found on every planet, star, asteroid and flesh and blood creature. A normal Star Seed can be found in common people and turns black when extracted and forcefully exposed. A true Star Seed belongs to a Sailor Guardian and has a permanent shine. The Sailor Animates and Sailor Galaxia come to Earth looking for true Star Seeds. In the manga the Sailor Animates weren't true Sailor Guardians. They were common people who killed the Sailor Guardians of their planets and were gifted their Star Seeds and made into Guardians by Sailor Galaxia.

10.The Sailor Starlights make their debut

10 Reasons To Be Excited About the English Release of Sailor Stars
The Sailor Starlights are searching for their lost princess

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The Sailor Starlights have been such a beacon for controversy. In the original manga they weren't men who transformed into women. They were women who wore very masculine clothing when they were in their civilian forms who did not change gender when they transformed. Naoko Takeuchi has stated that only women can be Sailor Guardians. When the original anime changed the Starlights to make them men who transform into women, she wasn't pleased. The Sailor Starlights are three Sailor Guardians who come to Earth from another solar system searching for their princess, Kakyuu. After they arrive on Earth, the Starlights disguise themselves as men and assume the identity of a male band called "The Three Lights", who sing about searching for their lost princess. The Sailor Starlights become interested in Usagi because she reminds them of their princess and end up becoming important allies of Sailor Moon in the fight against Galaxia.

Sailor Stars will be released in two parts on DVD and Blu-Ray later this year.
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Why? Decades after it first aired Sailor Moon's fifth and final season is finally getting an English release uncut and unedited
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