Enduro Warrior Course at Sky Zone Macgregor

Enduro Warrior Course at Sky Zone Macgregor


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Skyzone MacGregor - always a favourite for kids - have added to their spectacular lineup of indoor trampolining and climbing with a whole new experience. Skyzone in MacGregor is now home to the Enduro Warrior course, where kids can swing, jump and climb over obstacles in 'Ninja Warrior' style.

The Enduro Warrior course is available with any 'jumping' pass for only $18 and gives kids full access to the Enduro Warrior course, as well as a whole hour of jumping, dodging, dunking and throwing themselves into foam pits around the rest of Skyzone's trampolines.

The Enduro Warrior course itself actually contains 3 different courses, all of which are designed to pit your strength, balance and climbing skills in different ways. There are 'Ninja' style obstacles which include jumping pads, balance beams, balance half-balls, climbing nets and lots of gripping on to swinging ropes, bars and rings. And while I discovered that my upper body strength needed some work, many of the kids who tried out the course with me, did not seem to have such issues - although I did find I had an advantage at times in arm length (Hey! I'll take what I can get!).

Each course is short with only around 3 or 4 obstacles in each - which is good, because I was still exhausted after reaching the end of each course. Luckily, you've got the chance to walk around and try another lane - again and again until your aching arms can take no more.

It is lots of fun (but challenging!) - and a little addictive. It's tempting to keep trying until you can finish each course perfectly (or in my case - aim to finish each course without falling). Because of the challenges and obstacles, the course is recommended for children over 5 - and adults!

A well-loved staple in the arsenal of many parents trying to tire out energetic kids, Skyzone is a favourite place to host birthday parties. As well as the umping passes, Skyzone also offers climbing and laser tag. These can be used as stand alone passes or as an add-on to another pass.

So if you're looking for your child's next birthday party venue, or a good way to while away a rainy afternoon or simply want to try to pit your strength against a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the new Enduro Warrior course at Skyzone MacGregor is for you! Book online to avoid disappointment.

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