Empress of China Restaurant

Empress of China Restaurant


Posted 2012-11-28 by Joyfollow

Located at 120 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD, in the very heart of Chinatown, gracefully and majestically stands the Empress of China. All are welcome to this gem of a restaurant to experience some royal delicacies, while enjoying the royal treatment of the Empress.

As you push open the thick glass door of this super-busy restaurant, a polite waiter/waitress will whisk you off to a table of your choice, before leaving you with a thick, leather-bound menu displaying dishes of all dimensions, colours and flavours. Be prepared to drool incessantly as you run your eyes over the multiple options on the extensive menu. Designed to cater to the taste and preference of all, including the ones with an indecisive streak, the menu will enchant your heart and will have you at 'Hello'. And as the icing on the cake, you will discover that most of the items are cheap as chips therefore, highly wallet-friendly.

You can choose to commence your delectable dinner in the following manner.

Start your delicious feast with the Spring Onion Pancake. The crispy and flaky pancake suffused with mild spices will melt into your mouth. This non-greasy delicacy will make your mouth water for more.

The fishcake salad is highly refreshing. An abundant affair of fresh greens and soft fish strips dipped in a tasty sauce, this dish makes an excellent appetiser.

The fried prawn and pork dumplings are truly delicious. As you will take a mouthful of these sizeable dumplings, feel the soft, semi-crispy skin disappear into your mouth, leaving behind a tasty filling of prawn and pork cooked just right in a wonderful blend of spices. Dip the dumplings in chilli sauce or soya sauce, or both, to experience a dumpling nirvana.

The sticky pork ribs listed in the chef specials is another lovely delicacy. The ribs are, you guessed it, sticky! The succulent meat comes easily off the bones and you will find yourself savouring the ribs gradually as your tongue will endeavour to distinguish between the various spices and the layers of flavours. This dish is very big and you will struggle to polish it off completely. You will discover yourself licking your fingers as the sweetness has been done to perfection.

The highlights of this restaurant definitely include the huge servings offered at a very affordable price. On the flip side, the service is quite ordinary and the d├ęcor itself is very much run of the mill. Quite boisterous in nature, this restaurant is not the ideal destination for a romantic dinner with the significant other.

However, you will want to visit this place for the lip-smacking food, which is both tummy-friendly and wallet-friendly! Take your time in exploring the approximately 10 pages long extensive menu as you introduce your taste buds to the exquisite creations of the talented and efficient chefs of this authentic yet contemporary Chinese restaurant.

Happy discovering!

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