Emmilou Tapas Lounge

Emmilou Tapas Lounge


Posted 2011-11-29 by Sarah Hanfollow
When a planned night out goes slightly awry and I'm so hungry I start hallucinating about delicious food, I stumble upon a gem of a restaurant.

Emmilou is a tapas restaurant, lounge and cocktail bar all rolled into one.
A spontaneous evening out with my fellow tapas-and-cocktail-loving accomplice MC at Emmilou turns out to be just what I was looking for.

There's no free table when we walk in at 8pm, so we get ushered to a cosy little corner furnished with a floral two-seater and a rocking chair. MC and I slouch down in the two-seater, which eventually turns out to be quite uncomfortable for eating.

As you can probably tell from my pictures, our little corner is dimly lit. I like that it almost feels like we're chilling out at home - in killer heels and uncomfortable dresses, that is.

First up, we order the Stuffed zucchini with truffle honey ($21). I'm a sucker for zucchini flowers - I'll order it without fail at every restaurant that puts it on the menu. I'm definitely not disappointed.
The creamy cheese filling is amazing and the truffle honey develops a depth of character that borders on exotic. Add to that crunchy zucchini stems, and I'm smiling from ear to ear with glee.

We didn't notice that we actually ordered two dishes with truffle, but turns out it doesn't matter anyway because the Truffle fries ($10) are lacking in truffle flavour. We end up digging around for the truffly pungency - only some of the fries hit me with that wonderful truffle aroma.

The Grilled chorizo sausage with spicy tomato chutney ($16) is tasty, tomatoey and spicy. What's not to love? Well, unless you don't love like spicy foods. In which case I'd recommend against ordering this dish.

MC is already full by now, but I, being the gluttonous person that I am, order an extra dish - the Duck liver parfait ($14). There's a generous serving of parfait, and it's served with caramelised onions and crostini. It's very nice, though I could have done with more bread - there was parfait left over at the end.

Another girlfriend of ours joins us in our homely quarters, and (to my delight) orders more food. The Potato croquetas with grain mustard vinaigrette ($17) are creamy and delicious. They're very mustard-y - I love mustard (must be another gene that I inherited from my German side), so that's a good thing.

I'll quickly comment on the cocktails as well. I have the Spiced Pear Bellini ($12), which is made with spiced pear syrup churned through fresh lemon juice and topped with sparkling wine. I like this so much that I order another one.

MC has the Burnt Pineapple Daiquiri ($18): El Dorado 2 year old rum shaken vigorously with roasted spices, burnt pineapple and lime. It's also very yummy, with a piquant pineapple flavour that I adore.

Finally, dessert! After a lot of mmh-ing and ah-ing, MC and I decide on the Chocolate tarte with beet crisps and peanut butter ice cream ($14). The tarte itself could probably feed a family of five - or one very greedy person. Needless to say it's a big portion for dessert, and it definitely satisfies that chocolate urge. The tarte is a combination of a chocolate cake, fudge, brownies and mousse. It's somewhat unusual but not in a bad way. And the peanut butter ice cream is absolutely delicious. On the other hand, I find the beet crisps don't really add to the dish.

The staff are attentive and switched on, the food is tasty and the cocktails are delicious. One of the staff members even invites us to the birthday party the next day. Overall, I'm extremely pleased that we incidentally walked by Emmilou with grumbling bellies and camera in hand.

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