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Posted 2023-10-25 by Susan J Bowesfollow
On a recent visit to Carrara Markets , I discovered Ell’s Emporium, which is situated not far from the Manchester Road Market entrance.

Although the usual crystal and other knick-knacks are on tables at the front of the store, it was what lined the walls that drew me inside. Large cotton/silk blended canvas prints were hanging all around the walls mainly with photographs of women from all nationalities and cultures both present and past. From these large canvases, Ell adorns each one with brightly coloured and clear crystals in varying sizes, which creates a uniquely original art piece.

Ell's Emporium, Carrara Market, Gold Coast

Ell advised that although she may have several canvases of the same photograph, none is exactly the same once finished.

I was certainly captured by the variety of canvases displayed; some were quite simple and others of more detail, yet each photograph was brought to life by the crystals used producing a one-of-kind three-dimensional masterpiece.

For those who prefer a more softer appearance

The canvas wall hangings are one point two metres in height by eight hundred in width making each item extremely eye-catching as well as producing a product for the prospective customer that triggers the statement that he or she wishes to say and display in their home or workplace.

Although of an older style, this is the one I chose to take home

Although Ell has been chased by galleries and other businesses wanting to display and sell her artwork, she has declined because if she was to mass produce, the creativity she gives to each piece would not be the same and she would feel she had to rush each item. So, on that note, Ell’s Emporium at Carrara Markets is the only place you can purchase these exquisite portraits.

Starting on Smaller Canvases

Some customers have advised that these canvases are too large for their homes, so Ell is currently customising smaller portraits to cater for all house and office sizes. If a particular portrait catches your eye, but you would like it in different colours, Ell can also accommodate to your request.

It is hard to notice anything else in the store apart from these portraits, yet Ell’s Emporium also sells crystal jewellery manufactured in silver, other fashion accessories and Luxe Handbags.

Jewellery and other items are also being sold at

Carrara Markets are open each weekend from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm and to find Ell’s Emporium, look at the map on the Markets website and move your fingers across to P5. For more information and to contact Ell, please call her on 0422 832 827.



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