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Ellary's Greens


Posted 2015-07-21 by Anita Kfollow
I love to eat. Correction: I love to eat and eat and eat...then eat some more. Then rest, then think about eating, then eat some more. Sleep. Repeat.

One dark and stormy day I realised I was becoming a couch slug and ventured into the gym. Did anyone just see lightening?

As the days turned to months at...the gym...I found myself swaying more and more towards the cult of healthy eating.

Once, they had been people I didn't trust. People who shunned sugar, caffeine and all things that made life worth living. But now, I had become one of them. Sugar became a thing of the past, and milk chocolate floated away on little wings. Caffeine turned into...now, I won't lie...if you try and take coffee from me I will turn into an ogre.

With all of this change, came the inability to eat out as much as I wanted to. Especially because I was (and am) a pretty strict vegetarian to begin with.

So began the search for the holy grail of restaurants: veggie friendly, health focused and delicious...or D-Licious if you want.

Just when I was feeling like the foodie in me was at the lowest point of 'I'll never be able to eat out again' despair I was pointed in the direction of on Carmine Street.

Even today, with a preference for healthy eating, words like eco-friendly and organic can leave me skeptical when it comes to food. But, beat down your inner skeptic I say, because Ellary's Green was worth the 7 hour flight from London.

Just to clarify, I didn't book a flight to NYC just to try . I was there anyway, and took the opportunity to try it. That being said, if I was a crazy lady who booked long haul flights to try restaurants, it would have been worth it.

I stopped by for dinner which is served between 16:00 and 23:00, and offers a huge menu. I was going to say extensive, but 'huge' in bold is so much more fitting for the cartoonish excitement I felt when I saw the menu...and the food that people had ordered around me...and the muffins I saw at the counter.

Without any hesitation I proceeded to order everything. Fine, fine, not quite everything but see as follows:

To Start

The special of carrot and coriander soup, and the roasted brussel sprouts with butternut squash, walnuts, and orange zest

The special of Quinoa burger, with red peppers, pickles, onions, spicy tofu mayo and green thai curry (what?! I was hungry and curious).


Mint Tea, Raw Chocolate Mousse and a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie

Ok, so the sheer quantity of what I ate (mind I didn't finish everything, though I wanted to force my stomach to yield) negated some of the healthy intentions. But, the food was delicious. Every single dish was amazing, worth the dollars and yummy.

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so as the restaurant was packed on a Monday night. If New Yorkers think that is a tasty, guilt free treasure...then my food coma must have been right!

Plus, there is an awesome list of organic beers and wines, or juices and smoothies if you prefer to go tee total. Oh snap!

Next time I'm in NYC, I'm headed straight back for breakfast, lunch and dinner....oh, and brunch! Never forget brunch.

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