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Elevate Pilates and Movement Studio


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Elevate yourself in Central, Hong Kong. Today I'm going to tell you some good news you may not already know about Hong Kong's Central District.

Slap bang in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, nestled in between the shopping malls and warren of metro stations, awaiting behind a heavy silver glass door and an elevator ride lies Elevate Pilates, the smartest, coolest and most gorgeous pilates studio, if not in the whole of Hong Kong, possibly the world!

Established in 2015 by Carlo Pacis and David Claase, two ex-professional Hong Kong ballet dancers who are assisted by an amazing team.

Elevate offers group classes and private one on one classes which are held in a private space within the studio and is the only pilates and yoga studio in Hong Kong to exclusively hire dancers as instructors and wow, does it show.

Simply by the way the instructors carry themselves, their posture and positivity, you can imagine how your body will change.

Eventually becoming more pliable and full of strength (even if you are starting out from a point of life-changing body experience such as injury or giving birth). Everyone really knows what they're doing. Movement is a way of life and bodies love to move.

The beneficial way the teachers adjust and guide you into the safest position to obtain maximum results throughout the class instils great confidence, it's truly amazing how knowledgeable they are. You can quickly if not immediately, see how the class is going to alter your whole thought process on exercise and the shape, power and strength your body is ultimately going to gain by immersing in their classes.

Stepping into both the group and private spaces I was bemused and baffled at the amazing, sleek equipment filling the room. "Where to start and how to use it I wondered?"

Although I didn't take a private class I was shown around the beautiful space and given an in-depth explanation of how the pieces worked and the beneficial mind and health-boosting effects each piece offers your body.

I did, however, take two group classes.

The first being the 'Jump Reformer' class. Reformer pilates classes I have done before but never like this, with the jump board (trampoline) at the end of the bed. I am not sure giggles and laughter were supposed to be part of the class but hey 'laugher is the best medicine' so they say and laugh I did. It was such great fun (I experienced first hand how easy it is to boost your thoughts and set your mind free when you exercise at Elevate).

So there I was lying horizontal, bouncing energetically off a trampoline, yes, difficult to imagine if you've never done it before and to be honest it took a good bit of instruction to guide me on the bed, but great instruction it was, nobody minded that I was a 'jump' novice and my whole experience was spent in laughter, until I felt the burn which wiped the smile off my face, It was such great fun. I'd highly recommend it.

Luckily there are no photos available of me cracking up laughing to insert here!

The other class I took was the Ascend Suspension. This was slightly more challenging (to say the least) and not much laughing was going on! Using one's own body weight, Ascend uses straps and ropes suspended from the ceiling to build on full body stability, balance, coordination (of which I had minimal amounts before the class) and strength. It was brilliant and truly an eye-opener. Carlo is an expert instructor, patient, lythe and teaches for results.

That's the thing about Elevate, the teachers are so knowledgeable you get real results and fun can safely be part of the classes too.

I was only in Hong Kong for a few days but I practice Pilates regularly and can confidently say regular visits to Elevate would improve your health, body tone, posture and mood.

Alongside pilates Elevate also offers stretch, restorative healing yoga, ballet barre, illuminating yoga and pre and post natal strengthening classes, there are levels for every ability and body need.

David and Carlo will be happy to discuss your needs and aims – just give them a call or send an email to [email protected]

Have fun in this beautiful studio. It's really a transformative space full of wonderful positive people who know what they're doing. Totally professional. I really really loved it!

Thank you very much to David, Carlo and the team at Elevate Pilates and Movement.]

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