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element6 Cafe


Posted 2013-07-10 by Christinafollow

If I say quirky café with a great brunch menu, it's likely that West Ryde is not the first place that comes to mind. Enter element6 café – a mere five-minute walk from the train station and very obviously a favourite destination for the locals.

If you're like me, you'll love the quirky, rustic interior with mismatched vintage seats, parachutes painted on door handles, the dangling open light bulbs and table of toddler-sized stools outside. The servers are friendly and accommodating and the only setback is that the cafe should be at least twice its current size.

My first visit to element6 was in pursuit of its granola – a fresh and generous affair of nuts, berries, muesli, fresh yoghurt and milk, with poached cinnamon peaches. Definitely a must-have classic and very filling too – perhaps when the weather heats up a little.

The French toast with ricotta, pistachios, maple syrup and peaches is another highly recommended dish from me. The savoury ricotta cheese balances the sweetness of the toast extremely well and the maple syrup comes in an adorable beaker to be portioned at will.

On a third visit, I opted for the baked warm bread, which was spongy and generously full of dried berries, though not entirely warm because of the winter air. This came with ice-cream, but I opted out because it was freezing.

Had a bite of my brother's chubby bacon and egg roll with rocket and it's on my 'to eat' list for next time. Beautifully flavoured and is great as a big, wholesome breakfast.

The loose-leaf soy chai is presented so beautifully and has great, vivid chai tea flavour. Unfortunately, the amount inside was just enough for a cup – I probably should have asked for a refill to make the most of all the spices inside.

I also stole a section from my friend's pulled pork burger with slaw from the lunch menu. There was a little too much sauce in the pulled pork so the acidity level of the burger was a bit too high, in my opinion. However, the sauce itself was lovely and there was that tiny bit of spiciness to give the burger a little kick.

The food at element6 is on the pricier side, but certainly worth it if you're willing to spoil yourself a little. Get in early because the seats fill up very quickly.

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