Eden Garden Ayurvedic Retreat

Eden Garden Ayurvedic Retreat


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Does the thought of being massaged, cooked for and treated within range of a long, clean strip of gorgeous coastline appeal to you?

Kerala, one of the southern states of India, is the home of Ayur Veda, the ancient science of health and well being that was introduced to the world through Dhanvantari , the God of medicine.

All around Kerala there are retreats dedicated to bringing people back to a state of healthy balance through diet, natural Ayur Vedic medicine, and massage treatments.

One such retreat, Eden Garden , which is down on the western tip of the State of Kerala beside Papanasam Beach at Varkala, provides lovely, peaceful accommodation among the coconut palms, wonderful food and rejuvenating massage therapy.

On the first day you meet the physician who, after listening carefully to your pulse and asking you a range of questions about your lifestyle and habits, determines what sort of treatments would be best for you. All of your meals are then prepared according to your bodies particular constitution of either Vata, Pitta, Kapha or the range of combinations so that your diet becomes part of the medicine designed to bring your body back to maximum health and balance.

While I stayed there for a week recently, I never received the same meal twice, there was so much variety and everything was luscious and lovely. I was also given a daily 90 minute oil massage using Neelibhringadi oil on the scalp and warm Dhanvantharam Thailam on the body.

These ancient remedies contain a mix of natures healing gifts like sandal, Himalayan cedar, licorice, cardamon and Indian indigo, among other remedial herbs and spices that soak in through the pores of your skin and do their job. I was also given medicines to take through the mouth with warm water.

Every morning and afternoon, I walked along the beach but left swimming till the end of my stay as it was advised to not submerge the body in the ocean while treatment was taking place.

After one week of this I felt very healthy, peaceful and ready to return to my busy life back home.

Longer stays can of course bring about deep healing on all levels but according to your budget, you can stay for as long or as little as you like.

We were also treated to a Kathakali dance performance by three local artists. Kathakali dance also hails from Kerala and depicts stories from the ancient Vedic texts portraying kings, demons, battles and love stories with the dancers bedecked in elaborate face makeup and costumes.

Live musicians complete the performance with fascinating drum beats and soulful singing.

Trivandrum Airport is about an hour and a half drive away and a good gateway to and from the country.

Air Asia and Tiger have reasonable offers into India from Australia.
Kerala is known as Gods own country and now I fully understand why and look forward to one day exploring it further. Hope you can too.

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