Eco Treasures - Snorkel & Headland Walk Tour in Manly

Eco Treasures - Snorkel & Headland Walk Tour in Manly


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The Manly Snorkel and Headland Walk Eco Tour Experience runs regularly in the protected aquatic reserve Cabbage Tree Bay . See the flourishing marine life up close in their natural habitat. Starting from $89, the eco tour is ideal for making the most of the warmer months when marine life is on full display.

Eco Treasures is the prime snorkelling tour operator in Manly and has Advanced Ecotourism certification. Their 2.5 hour snorkel experience is great for beginners who have limited or no experience. Marine lovers will also enjoy the tour to explore the wide range of fish in the reserve. Having been protected for 21 years, there are few other places along the NSW coast that offer so much diversity. As the area sits tucked away from the ocean, the bay has calm waters with minimal swell, making it a perfect snorkel training ground.

You will start off the tour with an easy walk around the headlands where you can get a bird's eye view of whales (between May-Nov), lizards sunning on the rocks and the surfing activity. The tour guide will provide binoculars so you can take a closer look while they explain the local area's pivotal role in Australian surfing and marine conservation.

The tour organises all snorkelling equipment for you, including a wetsuit, flippers, goggles, mask, a bright-coloured rashie and, an optional noodle. All you need to bring are some walking shoes, sun protection, a water bottle, a towel and ideally flip flops for walking down to the beach. Once you're geared up, the tour guide provides easy instructions on using your mask and how to free-dive safely (if it interests you). You will get a chance to practice and ask questions before your exploration begins.

Once you start looking underwater, you will quickly become fascinated at all the activity that happens even just a few centimetres beneath the surface. Depending on the season and the day, you can find the Mado fish, the Eastern Red Scorpionfish, the Moorish Idol and the Globe fish to name just a few. Over 160 species of fish have been identified in the bay. If you're in luck, you might also find the native Port Jackson shark or the Wobbegong shark. A popular celebrity of the reserve is the Blue Groper , whose bright hue contrasts attractively against the golden reef kelp. Its near-threatened status makes the Cabbage Tree Bay a valuable refuge. View a list of sighted fish and crustaceans on the Eco Treasures website.

Follow the guide's lead while you leisurely move around the bay for 60 minutes. The guides know where to look and find the fish that you might otherwise miss. They will also take photos of you and the fish with their underwater camera. The noodle is super-helpful if you need a rest or would like extra support while you focus on your fish-watching.

Eco Treasures has operated since 2010. The company's mindful approach to conserving the local area makes it a great tour to join. Not only do you enjoy a fun snorkelling experience in a marine-rich area, but you learn how to responsibly snorkel with minimal impact on the fragile ecosystem. And it shows - in the pristine water, the variety of fish, the thriving reef, and the collective effort of the visitors who appreciate what a special place Cabbage Tree Bay has become.

The tour typically runs in the morning starting at 9.30am and takes up to 8 people at a time. Follow up your tour with a lunch in Manly to re-energise and cap off an incredible day on the coast!

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