Eat Whatever You Want

Eat Whatever You Want


Posted 2012-09-06 by Leisha Fullerfollow

How about today you eat whatever you want. Just for one day, vanquish all thoughts of diets, tight jean waistbands, pimples, cellulite, girlfriends 'playfully' wobbling beer guts and fitting back into that size eight Sass and Bide dress from three years ago. And eat whatever the bloody hell you want.

Throughout the day, actively seek out food you have always wanted to eat but heroically resisted. There's no need for heroics today. Go to that café down the street from work. Get that cookies and cream cheesecake you ogle every day before primly ordering 'just a skinny latte please. No cream.' Even though your tastebuds are screaming 'the cheesecake, oh, the cheesecake! Pleeeeeease, we want those huge chunks of cookie to melt on us!'

Get that massive greasy double cheese pizza that appears to you in your dreams every night before you get up to chop carrots for your boring salad, devoid of dressing, to take to work in a plastic container.

Challenge your friends to a lunchtime dim sim eating competition and don't stop until you can't cram another piece of deep-fried goodness into your oil-encrusted mouth, and you are declared King Dim Sim. And when you get back to home, open the fridge, and see your housemate's delicious glad-wrapped chicken and mayo sandwich made with love by his girlfriend for his lunchbox the next day, eat that too.

Instead of waiting until after dinner to have your daily 'dessert' of one Tim Tam, and thinking of nothing but that one Tim Tam as you prepare dinner, and then after you've had that one Tim Tam dreaming all night of having another Tim Tam, smash the lot as an entrée.

Then go to a buffet. Arrive as the first steaming tray of dumplings is placed on the serving bench, and don't give up until the waiter has to tussle the last tray of stone cold spring rolls from your grasp at the cooling bain-marie.

As you get in bed tonight, to the tune of bending bedsprings and straining slats, reflect with satisfaction on how glad you are that it is not every night you go to bed with a bucket feeling like Mt. Vesuvius circa 79 AD. But don't worry. You had fun. You fulfilled dreams. And after all, how much damage can you have done in just one day?

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