Eat Street Drive-In Movies

Eat Street Drive-In Movies


Posted 2016-05-13 by Phoebe Clarkfollow
Eat Street Markets has been hosting a pop-up Drive In over the weekends for a few months now, and it makes for a pretty fun night out.

Eat Street Drive-In is in a far more convenient spot than some of Brisbane's other drive-in offerings at Yatala and Tivoli - and while it doesn't seem to have the range of the Yatala Drive-In movie selection, it does have the bonus of being able to grab dinner at Eat Street before the movie (tickets to the Drive-In also cover entry to the markets).

The Drive-In is well set up, with a big screen and a quaint candy bar designed to look like a 50's diner. It's a little creepy trying to find it amongst the containers in the darkness around at Hamilton, but the entryway is well signed and the staff greeting the entering cars are very helpful.

The "diner" itself only sells basic ice creams, drinks and popcorn, so if you do want to have a proper meal, a visit to the markets beforehand is definitely recommended. Just be warned, it is a bit of a hike on foot between the drive-In and the market entrance. If you get a craving for any snacks during the movie, you can use your handy yellow flag (provided to each car upon entry) and staff will speed along to your window via segue to take your order. This is quite cool even if you're not hungry and just want to experience the novelty of food being delivered by segue.

The film's soundtrack can be tuned into the car radio, or you can listen to the sound from the outside speakers if you're sitting outside of the car. There's a variety of ways to watch the movie, with people setting up in fold out chairs outside the car, making themselves comfy in the boot or the tray of a ute, or just sitting in the front seats and watching through the windscreen.

On occasional Sunday nights, the Drive-In puts on "classic car night", with attendees encouraged to bring their classic cars and a classic film shown on the screen. Last month John Carpenter's horror car movie, Christine, was shown on the Sunday night, and it was good fun to see the titular character, a 1958 Plymouth car, on display near the entrance.

This coming weekend, The Divergent Series: Allegiant will be showing on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm. The Huntsman Winter's War scheduled for the weekend of the 20th. Check the site for the full schedule - the site currently lists dates up to June 25.

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