Eat Greek Restaurant

Eat Greek Restaurant


Posted 2018-02-20 by Paolafollow
Eat Greek is in an amazing location where you can eat Mediterranean cuisine, experience Greece and enjoy a sea view - all without leaving Perth.

Be prepared to experience Greek culture at its best. Their motto is "$17 lunch with a million dollars view" and actually the lunch specials from Wednesday to Friday make a visit particularly appealing. The cocktails and the desserts are also out of this world for flavour and presentation

Since visiting this restaurant, I have felt a strange sense of belonging and a metamorphosis has taken place in front of my eyes. I was magically on the stage of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and I felt compelled to say unpronounceable words such as "& #922 ;& #945 ;& #955 ;& #972 ; & #945 ;& #960 ;& #972 ;& #947 ;& #949 ;& #965 ;& #956 ;& #945 ;" and "& #949 ;& #965 ;& #967 ;& #945 ;& #961 ;& #953 ;& #963 ;& #964 ;& #974 ;" even though I studied French at school. The waiters were in awe of my perfect pronunciation or maybe they were a bit confused on how I could have been drunk before even ordering a drink. I am not too sure.

Saturday night is buffet style, so I took a look at the food stand where there was an incredible variety of not only hot dishes and salads but also vegetarian and gluten-free meals to start with. Then opposite the mains, another stand with a generous array of desserts which were towering the hall.

After a second serve of mains, I was completely proficient in modern Greek and I tried to convince my partner to learn at least the names of the things he was eating. I had no success in this educational aim, but luckily for my partner, after a few minutes, the show began.

The floor was prepared, moving few tables and chairs from the middle of the hall and the waiters and owner Leonida started moving to the rhythm of Sirtaki. They transformed into agile and swift dancers.

First slowly and then faster in a crescendo which elated the crowd, who had started moving along to the Greek refrain as well. The best part had yet to start when we were given some plaster dishes to break near the feet of the dancers. This ancient ritual is mostly perpetuated as a sign of appreciation, a welcoming sign and also for good luck.

Then the evening reached its summit with Leonida dancing among real flames (controlled promptly by the staff) and finally the conga line dance with most of the customers, jumping to the Greek rhythm across the main hall. It was then that, under my partner's disbelief, I was caught up on the shoulders of the last person in the conga line, hopping, jumping and became totally Greek.

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