What is the Best Way to Spend Sunday in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens

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Posted 2020-11-09 by Sue Wfollow

If you are a visitor to the Nelson Bay region, then you are sure to wake up to a beautiful sunny Sunday, with lorikeets chattering in the trees and the smell of frangipani in the air (if it is raining, however, then see here for what to do!) Depending on your interests, there is a wide range of things to do every Sunday in the Nelson Bay region. For example, you could start the day by hiring a SUP and cruising the waters of Port Stephens or bag a bargain at the local markets . Alternatively, if you have kids, you could pack up the car and spend the day at Oakvale Wildlife Park or go for a swim in the safe and clear waters of Shoal Bay .

These ideas below, are my favourite ways to spend a Sunday - but I would love to hear yours! Feel free to add a comment to the top of this article and share how you like to spend a Sunday in this scenic region. With so many things to do, there's no time for a sleep-in!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and you are spoilt for choice with the number of cute breakfast cafes in Nelson Bay. My top pick is to go for a healthy breakfast at The Little Nel cafe, but if you get there and it is too busy, then walk back down the hill and visit Blueys at d'Albora Marinas , Evivva on Stockton Street or Essence Espresso on Donald Street. Each of these has the best coffee in town, with delicious brekkies to match!

The Coastal Walk Between Nelson Bay and Little Beach is a scenic path to meander along, after a filling breakfast in the bay. If you have kids, stop off at the Nelson Bay Playground and then continue along the path to admire the blue waters of Little Nelson Bay . If you have the energy for a little hill, walk past Fly Point snorkelling area and along the bike path to Little Beach . Have a paddle in the water or stop for morning tea at Inner Light Tearooms upon the headland, before returning to Nelson Bay.

Exploring is a fun way to spend the day in the region, so strap on your walking shoes, fill up your water bottle and hop in the car - ready for an adventure. If you have a lot of energy, then take a vertical hike up to the top of Tomaree Head at Shoal Bay and discover some of the most spectacular views along the NSW coastline - you won't be disappointed! Alternatively, go exploring over the Stockton Sand Dunes at Birubi Beach and pretend you're in the Sahara desert, before heading back to Nelson Bay.

Seafood is abundant in the region, with fishing trawlers unloading their catch at the Nelson Bay marina daily. You can't visit the region without going to the seafood outlets at the end of Teramby Road, or by enjoying fish and chips overlooking the water. You won't find any fresher!

To finish the day, why not pick up a Thai takeaway from Sunan9 and finish off your relaxing Sunday on the right note. These are just some ideas of ways to spend a Sunday in Nelson Bay - if you have more ideas I would love to hear them! Please leave a comment at the top of this article and share your tips or your favourite places to go.

If only every day was Sunday!

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