Dunedin Street Art Tour

Dunedin Street Art Tour


Posted 2011-09-24 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Whether you're a visitor, or a long time Dunedin resident, there is no denying that the city's walls seem to have a bit of an obsession with street art. You might not notice it when you're busy heading along to Cadbury World, or when you're walking up the world's steepest street, but once you take a minute to really look around you'll notice it everywhere you go.

This may be called a 'Street Art Tour' but it is really far more relaxed than that. Rather than following a map and ticking off the various city sights as you pass them, heading out on a Street Art Tour is as simple as opening your eyes and starting to explore.

The very nature of street art, is that is changes. One week the streets may be full of images of Marilyn Monroe, and the next the city has been taken over by a troupe of two-dimensional monsters. Things don't always change this quickly, and you'll often notice that certain images always find their way back to the city.

Around Dunedin some great things to keep an eye out for are the Banksyesque paste ups, haunting images that make you stop and think. Or you might stumble across the reoccurring cuddly giraffe that calls street corners, doorways, and electrical boxes home. There are plenty of artists throughout Dunedin with their own individual style, who are injecting a bit of colour onto the streets.

So instead of making a walk about town all about getting from A to B, make the journey there part of the fun. Explore the alleyways, and peer at the gutters, because you never know what you might find hiding there.

For some more Dunedin Street Art images check out Street Art Dunedin , Dunedin Streets , and the Flickr page for Dunedin Street Art . These are good, but the best way to experience it is to head out on the pavement and take a good look around.

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