The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Posted 2013-03-24 by Daniellefollow

This award is a great way to get people active and reach their potential by gaining new skills in various areas that will help you throughout life. It is also applauded by others and is seen as a great achievement, due to the amount of work and effort that goes into it.

There are three levels in this award which are bronze, silver and gold. You don't have to complete each level but it is a great feeling when you do; as each level gets progressively harder and it feels like a real achievement when you have completed them.

In each level, each award bronze silver and gold has four different sections (and five if you are doing gold). These are 'physical' where you have to do something physical like horse riding or hockey, 'skills' where you have to learn a new skill like learning to play the guitar or learning a new language, 'volunteering' where you have to volunteer you services to an voluntary organisation, and finally an expedition - which only Gold level have to do.

Each level is there to help you get in touch with the community; learn skills that will help you both socially and in the work place and to get physically fit. You can choose whatever skills, physical and voluntary work you want to do, so you can tailor the award to be personal to you. If you want to improve your skills in some way, why not do it through this award and get rewarded for achieving new skills as well.

This award is a great adventure, full of fun and challenges. I did this award not that long ago and it really was one of the best things I've ever done. As well as learning new skills, I also met new friends, built up my CV and made links and good references on my way.

At the end of the award, when you have completed gold, you also get the chance to receive your gold award, either at the palace by the Queen of by the Duke of Edinburgh in Scotland. I chose to be awarded by the Duke of Edinburgh because after all it is his award. I felt so privileged by this and felt the award was very worthwhile.

There is so much going on with this award and I would definitely recommend you visit the website and find out more. You could even be a leader of this award or do your award abroad.

So why not give this award a try and really learn some new skills that you can be proud of. It doesn't matter who you are or what area of the country you come from, this award is for all people aged between 14- 24 years old who fancy improving various skills or want to learn something new. If you are too old or just don't fancy doing it, spread the word to others or even get your children to give it a go. This is an adventure you don't want to miss out on.

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