Driving Madeleine - Film Review

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Posted 2023-06-11 by Jenfollow

Directed by Christian Carion, Driving Madeleine stars Dany Boon, Line Renaud, and Alice Isaaz, and will be in cinemas on 22 June 2023. Taxi driver Charles works 12 hours a day driving his cab to take care of his family and stay afloat. He calls himself the ugly duckling, compared to his brother who is a doctor. Madeleine Keller, aged 92, on the other hand, is on her way to a home for the aged after suffering an accident, breaking a bone. The doctors have told her she needs the care the facility provides. She's not at all pleased about her independence being taken away from her, and she's determined to take her time travelling to the aged home, to hang on to the last ounce of independence she has left.

Charles is her ride, and he takes the early call from a distance further afield than from where he's at. It suits him that his ride is happy for the flag on the taxi meter to fall, to start paying from the minute he accepts the fare, to make it worth his while. It's already a great distance, but along the way, Madeleine manages to get Charles to drive her past places that hold special memories in her life. Along the way, Charles and Madeleine share their stories, and reluctant though he was in the beginning, Charles can't help but be charmed by the feisty Madeleine.

If you're having thoughts that this film might resemble the American film Driving Miss Daisy, you couldn't be further from the truth. There's no drama or kidnapping in this film or any form of 'action' along the way. Most of the scenes take place in a car, and though it was a journey filled with nostalgia and reminiscence, and not much else, the script and performance by both actors kept it engaging. That's a feat in itself, filled with a lot of matter-of-fact street scenes of Paris, which was truly a joy to behold.

Just when you think this is a pretty cruisy film with not much happening other than sweet nostalgia; it has you in its grips in culmination, that'll tear pieces of emotions out of you. Getting to know Madeleine on her journey, Alice Isaaz playing the young Madeleine, you've been more invested in her than you thought. After all, under that sweet smile, Madeleine has shared her whole life with you, the good the bad and the ugly. Renaud as Madeleine is a marvel, performing at age 94. She's gorgeous and exudes charm and an air of elegance; her natural performance is synonymous with one who's had years of experience and knows the ropes. Boon is a fitting match for Renaud, and lays all his emotions on the line, putting in a strong performance that'll tug at the heartstrings.

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