Downtown Manhattan

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Posted 2014-07-09 by London Schweppesfollow
This was my first ever trip to New York and having done some research and spoken to a few insiders who knew NYC like the back of their hand, we had a plan as to how we were going to cover everything touristy and everything important in such a short time...

The thing about Manhattan is that it is so beautifully organised that you couldn't really get lost. All the streets are numbered going from 1st to >100 streets from down to uptown in that direction and going crossways are the avenues, which are obviously much longer to walk across. And Manhattan has one of the best and most efficient transport systems in the subways or trains, which are fantastic to navigate your way around.

We were staying in downtown Manhattan at the Holiday Inn express on Water street, and so decided to cover downtown first. This included a short stroll to Battery Park where you can catch a ferry to The Statue of Liberty on Liberty island. The ferry also included a stop over on Ellis island, which was fantastic. You can walk through the museum on Ellis island and read all about the history of immigration to New York via Ellis island and the history of multi culturalism of NYC. A warning about Liberty island though- if you are interested in entering the statue and climbing the pedestal, you need to book this in advance of about three months. We were happy to walk around the island and take some snaps..

After that, we made a trip down to SOHO (South Houston), which has fantastic little boutique cafes and specialty stores such as branded clothing etc. where you can spend hours window shopping, or grabbing delicious specialty coffee or gelato in unique flavours. We also grabbed some lunch at a cute pub/ restaurant playing the soccer on TV, called Bari.

After a few hours in Soho, we walked around Wall street, and Broadway (its a very long street), and bought some delicious pizza from a local called Steve's pizza - only to realise that it was HUGE and could in fact be eaten by six people, not two. But nevertheless we learnt about the portion sizes in the USA from this experience and in any case the pizza tasted delicious, albeit costing us $27.

That was our first day in Manhattan. You can read more about our adventures in mid town and up town in the coming articles...

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