Douglas Daly Hot Springs

Douglas Daly Hot Springs


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, also known as Tjuwaliyn, is a great spot in the Northern Territory for bird watching and swimming. This place is owned by the Wagiman Aboriginal people and jointly managed by the NT Parks and Wildlife Commission. For Wagiman Aboriginal people, it is an important place for women's ceremonies. There is signage noting the sacred places around , so please be aware and respect this area.

is located approximately 130 kilometres from Katherine and 200 kilometres from Darwin. Leaving from Darwin, you have a choice of either taking the scenic drive - the turn off is just over the bridge at Adelaide River - or you can take the turn off, which is located half way between Adelaide River and Pine Creek. You have to drive about 47km from the Stuart Highway via Oolloo Road. The last 7km is unsealed, but generally accessible by 2WD vehicle.

This thermal pool creates an oasis in the surrounding dry woodland. It attracts a variety of wildlife such as birdlife. Keep an eye out for quirky animals like bandicoots, quolls, and flying foxes. Walking in Douglas Daly hot springs by following the creek line along the Douglas River, you can explore the riverine habitat and enjoy the quiet pools, sandy beaches and cascades.

In certain parts, the springs bubble at temperatures reaching 60 degrees celsius and swimming is recommended in cooler pools downstream. It is important to test the temperature of the water before entering. In the downstream pool, the water will converge into warm and cooler. We visited this hot springs around May and we saw lots of people having a dip in the water with cool drinks in their hand. Lots of very shallow area and great for little children.

Camping is available and caravan access is usually possible depending on seasonal conditions. Visitors are catered for in a large camping area with basic facilities. There are nine well spaced bush camp sites along the river offering a variety of bush camping experiences. Visitors are requested to check in at the office where you will be allocated camp sites. Camping fees apply. Please note that no pets are allowed.

The most comfortable time to visit is in the dry season (May – September) but it all depends on rain during the wet season. Heavy rains during the wet season (October - April) may cause road closures.

More information available at the Douglas Daly Park Store, telephone 8978 2479.

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