Dog Olympics at Islington Park

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Posted 2016-04-01 by Mayfollow

Sun 17 Apr 2016

Islington Park, in Maitland Road, Islington,a suburb of Newcastle, is a large open space popular with families. The park features picnic and barbecue facilities, playground equipment, and playing fields where soccer balls and cricket bats can be assured of a good workout.

The canine members of the family are also well catered for with a dedicated off-leash area away from the road and close to the creek. There is permanent agility equipment available if your doggie enjoys such things.

On Sunday, the 17th of April, Islington Park will transform into a sporting arena for our four legged friends with the Newcastle Dog Olympics. This is a fundraising event for the charity, Hunter Animal Watch, which is dedicated to assisting pensioners and health care card holders desex their pets.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are invited to participate, though they must be non aggressive ( to both other dogs and humans). Competitions include Fetching Frisbees, Musical Hoops, Best Trick and much more.

Don't despair if your dog lacks any athletic prowess. There will also be a Fancy Dress Competition in which they can participate, as well as a Dress Like A Celebrity Competition. Who thinks of these things, I wonder.

Damn. My grandfurbaby, Bentley, needs a Lets Steal Peoples Picnic Lunch Competition !

Entry for the day is FREE and there is a $2 participation fee for each event.

This event, hosted by Fletcher Veterinary Practice, commences at 10am and finishes at 3pm. There will also be market stalls, raffles, and a BBQ, and it promises to be a fun day for ALL the family.

Now off to create a costume for Bentley. I'm thinking the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. I would be interested to hear your thoughts…

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