3 Dog Friendly Brisbane Southside Parks

3 Dog Friendly Brisbane Southside Parks


Posted 2015-02-04 by Flynn Steelefollow
Dog parks are a great place to exhaust your best mate and encourage a bit of puppy playtime. Check out these three in the Mt Gravatt/ Wishart area.

Boorabbin Picnic Ground

If size matters, then this is the dog park for you. This monster is located on Stackpole St in Wishart, with ample off street parking available.

The securely fenced off leash area offers two convenient entrance gates, with a secure zone at each to ensure your dog can enter the park safely.

Be a Caeser Milan style dog whisperer and train your canine athlete on the permanent agility course or kick back in the gazebo and watch the pups run amok. Alternatively, there is heaps of room to throw the frisbee or tennis ball and wear out your best mate that way.

The park is a favourite with the locals and can be pretty busy, particularly in the late afternoon. This, or early morning, are definitely the best times to go though, because trees and shade are at a premium. There is a hydration station for you and your dog inside the fenced area.

Apart from the fenced dog friendly area, Boorabbin also offers 2 playgrounds, a wide open grassed area, half-court basketball and concrete paths for bike riding. There is a public toilet but it's a bit of a shocker and best avoided.

Berkshire Crescent Park

This small but beautifully formed park is a bit of a Wishart hidden gem. This is despite it being best accessed from the quite busy Wishart Rd.

The securely fenced off-leash area does not offer agility equipment or a massive play area but it makes up for it with an abundance of trees and shade. This makes it a great place to go on a stinking hot day when other parks might be a bit exposed.

Best of all, it is rarely busy and there is virtually never more than a couple of dogs for company. Water taps and waste bags (if not run out) are available inside the fenced area.

Berkshire Crescent Park also has a playground for the kids, BBQ area and half-court basketball. No public toilet facilities are available for use.
Abbeville Street Park

This mid-sized dog park on Abbeville St is located just off Logan Rd in Upper Mt Gravatt. It has a real community feel about it, with many local regulars.

Like Berkshire St, there is no agility equipment on offer but there is plenty of room to throw the Frisbee or ball or there's usually some other canine company to have a game with. The community feel is heightened by the basket of toys that users have donated and left just inside the entrance gate.

It is best visited in the cool of the afternoon or morning but these times are highly popular. Some more trees and shade inside the securely fenced area would be ideal, but a drinking tap is provided to cool off.

Half-court basketball, outdoor gym equipment, concrete paths for bike riding and a children's playground make Abbeville St Park a great family friendly option. However, no public toilet facilities are available.

There are three options to exercise your dog in a secure and fun environment. So no more excuses. Jump off the couch, grab your dog and get amongst it.

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