Doctor Who Night Tour

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Posted 2023-09-16 by Sarah Corkfollow

Thu 23 Nov 2023

Look for the TARDIS amongst the stars

Do Donna a favour, and look to the sky. And if you see a little blue box, unfortunately, you can't tell Donna that you have seen it. But that doesn't mean that you should stop looking at the stars and trying to find that madman with a blue box. Of course, since the Doctor only ever seems to land in Britain, you probably won't see it in the Australian night sky. The sight is still a beautiful one. And if you head to the Doctor Who Night Tour at the Perth Observatory, then you will be able to discover the majesty of the night sky.

There will not be too many Daleks in the sky, but if you're lucky there will be a Dalek or two in the Observatory for you to be able to get a selfie with. It won't be exterminating anyone, so you'll be safe. And if you want you will be able to dress up as your favourite characters from the series- and there are lots of different Doctors or companions that you could dress up as. Not everyone can be 10, but you can dress as whoever you want. And there is a prize for best dressed for both an adult and a child, so get creating!

There is going to be dying stars, nebulas and star clusters, all waiting to be discovered by you on the night. If it happens to be cloudy, they have plans in place to make sure you still see some incredibly rare sights from deep space. You will be given a grand tour around the observatory before a tour around the Southern Hemisphere's sky.

There will be historical instruments, telescopes, an impressive meteorite exhibit, astrophotographs, and artwork for you all to look at.

If you do want to take part, then head to the Perth Observatory in Bickley. It will definitely book out fast, so you're going to need to get in quickly. Every other year, this event is booked out weeks in advance. Tickets are $55 for adults, and $30 for children. The TARDIS will be touching down on Thursday, November 23rd at 8:30pm. The tour is between an hour and a half and two hours long, so you will be travelling with the doctor by 10pm and seeing the universe.

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