Doctor Ahmed: Doctor in the House at MICF - Review

Doctor Ahmed: Doctor in the House at MICF - Review


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Mon 10 Apr 2017 - Sun 16 Apr 2017

Following sell out seasons in Perth, Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe festivals, Dr Ahmed's Doctor in the House is playing at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival .Dr Ahmed is the doctor we all want our doctor to be - unless (as he explains) you are an inherently racist patient who would choose an English sounding name over a 'mocha' name. On stage (and probably off), he radiates kindness and empathy, and appears considered and intelligent. It turns out he is also VERY funny, and a more than capable cabaret performer. Is there anything this man can't do?

Is he a real doctor?, I hear you ask. Yes, he is. He's a Perth based GP, and draws on this experience as a rich source of humorous insights on the role of the modern doctor, and the foibles of the modern patient. He turned cabaret performer as a way of cheering himself up after a death in the family. Dealing with death through humour - what a very 'doctor' thing to do.In this one hour gem of a show, mobile-faced Dr Ahmed forces the audience, in his very gentle way, to do some 'self examination'. We all hate it when our GP keeps us waiting for hours for an appointment. But do our actions contribute to it?

This is a show where it's completely safe to sit in the front row. There is a gentle yet witty, clever and engaging line of banter throughout the show, without a single audience member being targeted or humiliated.

You are guaranteed a big finale in this show - one that practically rivals Slumdog Millionaire (without the budget), along with a dance lesson or two, that will have you leaving the theatre with a big smile on your face.

Overall, a fun show that is just what the doctor ordered. It should be compulsory attendance for all medical students - and anyone else wanting their funny bone tickled.

I was pleased to learn that Dr Ahmed hasn't completely turned his back on medicine, as you'll find out late in the show. He discusses where the earnings from the show are to go - and no, it's not to fund his extravagant wardrobe! If you didn't already think he was a pretty awesome person, this final disclosure should convince you. Come along and decide for yourself.Doctor in the House is playing at The Butterfly Club , 5 Carson Place, Melbourne (off Little Collins Street) at 8.30pm each night until Sunday 16th April.Tickets are $32 full, $28 concession. To buy tickets online, click here , or call The Butterfly Club on (03) 9663 8107. Tickets also available at the door (subject to availability - the show was sold out the night we attended).

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