Do it in a Dress 2014

Do it in a Dress 2014


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Tue 07 Oct 2014 - Fri 31 Oct 2014

Adam Stevens and team at Choclatte in Camberwell and Aqualink Café in Box Hill, are doing it in a dress.

It is the second year Adam and crew have become involved in this program that raises money to help educate girls in West Africa.

For the staff it means wearing girl's school uniforms for the month of October.

Not too much of a call for the females but with the blokes it is a bit of a funny sight as their uniforms reveal something no girl want to show off -- tufts of chest hair and unshaved legs.

But it is a sight that is also raising money for an important charity the Do it in a Dress Campaign.

It is a startling and shocking statistic that a girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend high school. It is a place where almost a third of girls are pregnant before their 15th birthday.

In fact only one in six girls gets any kind of secondary school education.

As Adam says: "In our society, my daughters have all the opportunity to be what ever they want to be so I thought I would support this great initiative."

Basically seeing the sight of men in school frocks raises more than a few eyebrows. It also raises an awareness of the plight of young women in developing countries such as Sierra Leonne as customers are prompted to ask questions when they see the staff's odd attire. And many dig deep to donate to this worthy cause.

Last year the tip jar at Chocolatte alone raised $7000 for this important cause. This sum enabled 30 girls to be educated. This year Adam's new café at Box Hill's Aqualink is also on board.

In 2013 the charity One Girl as a whole managed to raise the revenue to send 200 girls to school

The initiative has been backed by celebrities such as Dave Hughes. This year Mayor of Geelong, Darryn Lyons, stuck up a great pose for the Geelong Advertiser. People have also been known to sky dive in a dress, wake-board and even run marathons.

You will find Adam doing a few fitness classes in his school frock.

The Do it in a Dress Campaign, is the brainchild of One Girl creators David Dixon and Chantelle Baxter. Since 2009, this non-profit charity, has funded scholarships, built new classrooms, and provided business training for girls.

It even helps them with items that western women take for granted such as the funds to buy sanitary products.

Life changes for girls in Sierra Leone once they have a secondary school education. Education means they are likely to marry later and have smaller families. Their income increases by at least 10% -25% for each year of their schooling and they invest 90% of what they earn back into their families thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

There are 60 million young girls around the world who are denied the right to a secondary school education. If there is a possibility of education in the family it will likely go to the boy. So if you see someone "doing it in a dress" reach into your own pocket and dig deep

For more events being organised for this worthy cause, check out their Facebook page here .

If you can't get in, here is the link to make donations online . Although I recommend you get along if you possibly can as these guys (or should that be girls?) make the best hot chocolates in town.

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