Dizzy's Comedy Hypnosis Show

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Posted 2014-09-04 by Stephen de Jagerfollow
%%Now heading into its 3rd year, b.f.f. will showcase our remarkable local artists, while supporting and promoting our incredible Brisbane venues.

Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to collaborate, get creative, and put on knockout shows under the b.f.f. banner. This year, we have kidnapped some exceptional practitioners from all reaches of the creative spectrum.%%

The first impressions that I had of Dizzy's show was here on WeekendNotes . I did a little brushing up on the whole affair on my way in to the show and that gave me a slightly better idea of what to expect.

I arrived at the show, about an hour before it was due to start so I could meet Dizzy and ask a few questions. I had originally been set-up to see the show at the Globe the previous weekend but I wasn't able to make it so I went along to the following show, both as part of Brisbane's Fringe Festival.

On the night I had a little bit of trouble finding the venue but even that simple fact, added to the experience and built up an air of mystery around the performance. I had no idea what to expect and have always remained undecided about the validity of hypnosis and hypnotherapy alike.

The entire atmosphere of the place was carefully constructed and I was really impressed with the production quality and showmanship that was on display. Dizzy is a consummate performer and all-round entertaining character. He has an amazing ability to captivate his audience completely and to make it look like he is having a lot of fun while he does it.

It is truly an awesome thing to witness just how passionate Dizzy is about his craft, he literally seems to live his act and that definitely attributes to the ease at which audience members succumb to his suggestions. I was particularly intrigued by his use of music to help 'prime' his audience, much like African drum rhythms and trance music can, well… entrance.

The other remarkable part of the whole show was just how complete the control he had over his volunteers, it was impressive, to say the very least.

Dizzy is currently raising capital to produce a Reality TV show centred around hypnotherapy and the everyday benefits and advantages that one can experience when they allow positivity to reign supreme.

From what I gathered, the show is going to be about helping people overcome difficulties or negative cycles within their own lives and I cannot think of a better way for someone to use talents like Dizzy's.

He has a fundraising effort in full swing at the moment and I encourage everyone to check the donations page out.

%%The Hypno Makeover TV series is a 6 episode TV Show that my team and I are planning to air on Digital31 in Brisbane at the end of 2015. Bris31 .

All advertising slots in the series will be donated to charity organisations.%%

Hypno Makeover TV Show.

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