DISTRICT 4 Vietnamese Cuisine

DISTRICT 4 Vietnamese Cuisine


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Rundle Street holds some of the most vibrant food spots in our city, including the freshly renovated District 4. Home to authentic Vietnamese dishes and a second-story view, District 4 stands out with its street style delicacies.

After months of renovations and menu planning, District 4 officially opened on the 1st of February. The name comes from the owners' love of the real-life District 4 in Saigon. The architecture of the Vietnamese area, where old houses meet modern buildings, is replicated inside the restaurant with touches of greenery and farmer's hats adorning the walls. The restaurant finds a balance between modern design and traditional style. Underneath the tea lights on the balcony with the bustle of the city just below, you can imagine yourself in the Vietnamese food hubs this restaurant was inspired by.

Simple dishes are the foundation of this establishment with spring rolls, scallops and of course, pho. While seafood is their forte, there is something even for those who leave meat off their plate as I discovered tonight. Starting out with their Vegan Mushroom Rice Rolls, I was delighted that I wasn't left with a feeling of missing out. True vegetarian delights rely on the flavour of the ingredients, rather than imitating meat dishes.

Staff are happy to pose for a picture with the food and decorations, but they urge you to take a bite and add their in-house made sauce. And the staff aren't pushing it because they have to, their steamed rice rolls had me going back for more. The pickled veggies, fragrant herbs and fresh dipping sauces leave a delicious taste in your mouth.

If you're feeling like bite-sized won't cut it, be brave and try their Man Vs Pho challenge. For $50, you get an hour to devour 1.3 kilograms of noodles, 1.3 kilograms of meat and 3 litres of broth. Those lucky enough to make it through the colossal food in 60 minutes, win $100 in cash and a $100 voucher to return again to try more of the menu.

District 4 is open daily for lunch from 11am - 3pm and dinner between 6pm - 10pm on the corner of Rundle Street and Frome Street. Try out authentic Vietnamese cuisine in an intimate dining setting where you can hear the bustling Adelaide city outside. At such a central location, don't miss your chance to experience Vietnam's street food without a plane ticket.

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