Disney's Freaky Friday at Chapel Off Chapel - Review

Disney's Freaky Friday at Chapel Off Chapel - Review


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Thu 08 Sep 2022 - Sun 18 Sep 2022

Grab your friends and head to Chapel Off Chapel to see the Victorian premiere of Disney's Freaky Friday the musical from 8-18 September 2022.

Ellie (Lyla Digrazia) is a typical teenage girl who lives with her mother Katherine (Stephanie Powell), her brother Fletcher (Nathaniel Calleja) and her Mum's fiancée Mike (Michael Gray). Katherine and Mike are getting married and Ellie is not a fan – she would rather go on a scavenger hunt with her friends led by Adam (Thomas Martin) the high school hunk. How can she escape the impending nuptials and mandatory family photos? How can Ellie win Adam's heart before Savannah (Kate Thurkle) steals it for herself?

Katherine runs her own catering business and has decided to design and cater her own wedding, and a major wedding magazine wants to do a story. She is putting all her staff and her family under immense pressure to make sure everything is perfect for the big day. Katherine finds Ellie's teenage angst frustrating, and she doesn't understand her flighty moods and rebellious attitude.

During a mother-daughter argument Ellie and Katherine smash an heirloom hourglass, given to Ellie by her late father. In this 'magical moment' Ellie and Katherine switch bodies.

Ellie now lives in her mother's aging body and is destined to marry Mike in the next 24 hours, and look after Fletcher, as her son. Katherine now lives in a teenage body and attends high school. Ellie is crippled with anxiety, whilst Katherine thinks high school will be a breeze. Both Ellie and Katherine are not sure how this is going to play out or for how long – but they are sure the hourglass has something to do with it.

Katherine makes it her mission to use the Adam's high school hunt to find the second heirloom hourglass, which she had donated to an op shop. The missing hourglass may be Ellie and Katherine's only chance to reclaim their bodies and lives.

Little does Katherine know that Ellie is missing most of her classes at school and is on the way to failing. Katherine also experiences some of the bullying Ellie is receiving from fellow students and teachers and realises teenage life is not so carefree and easy. Katherine finds out Ellie has a huge crush on Adam and her nemesis Savannah is on the 'hunt' to seize Adam's heart.

Ellie is now faced with the reality of running a business, looking after her 'son' Fletcher and marrying a man she does not like and is way too old. But she plays along and her attempts to organise the catering for the wedding and the magazine photo shoot, are clumsy at best. She knows little about her Mum's business and cannot string appropriate words together the market the business. Soon she comes to realise that Mum clearly has some skills and parenting is not easy.

Theatrical's production of Disney's Freaky Friday the musical is hilarious, heartfelt, and empathetic. The acting, singing and characterisation is top-notch for an independent community based theatre production. There is fun, frustration and a little bit of romance for both Ellie and Katherine, who are both dealing with grief and loss. As with all Disney musicals, there is a happy ending and the passion of the cast and crew makes it a celebration of life, its curveballs and triumphs, with a lot of forgiveness.

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