Discover Almería

Discover Almería


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A hidden gem on the banks of the Mediterranean, Almeria seemingly lies dormant. This is certainly not the story to be told of this province, which stands proud as the capital of the Southern-Spanish province Andalucía.

The Mediterranean is certainly familiar with natural beauty, yet Almería stands out with over 100km of untamed coastline. This comprises countless beaches, offering that remarkable sense of tranquillity that is often impossible to come by.

As Andalucía's most eastern capital, the potential for discovery in this area is simply intriguing. A once unknown part of Spain, the area has come into recognition in recent years as tourists become aware of the beauty and potential it has to offer.

With its ideal position on the Mediterranean, the area has housed varying civilisations throughout its unique history, with remains peppered across the city reminding locals of their respected traditions.

With a rich history, this secluded section of the south is renowned for the Arab fortress built by the Caliph of Cordoba. The overhanging mountain range is crowned by the Alcazaba, one of the largest Muslim fortresses in Andalucía, second only to the majestic Alhambra in the neighbouring Granada.

Once the intricate streets have been paved, the winding roads lead to the endless string of beaches. With this stretch of sand on the shores of the Mediterranean, it simply is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Aguamarga is once such beach, and is arguably one of Spain's most tranquil spots. The secluded sand of the Aguamarga can be reached through the sun-soaked, bending roads, and offers incomparable views of the listless blue water in the distance.

This passive patch of land is hidden away, yet around each and every corner, the impressive history comes to life. The peculiar landscape is epitomised through the caves that pepper themselves as the warm body of water collides with the sun-drenched body of sand.

Countryside houses are a prominent feature of the region, where locals own small, often one bedroom buildings to settle down in and relax after a demanding week.

The sun sets in the distance from these houses that are splayed across areas just outside of the main region of Almería, with many growing their own fruit as they reap the benefits of the ideal climate, and undeniably the calmness it brings.

Away from the roaring sun and its uncompromising ways, the night filters in and brings with it an utterly relaxing atmosphere.

The region has featured a combination of foods ranging from both the land and the sea, and is also particularly respected for its tapas culture. The streets are filtered with booming tapas restaurants, enticing awaiting locals and tourists.

Adopting typical Spanish culture, the numerous bars keep their doors open for the late-night traditional eating and drinking. The locally brewed ice cold beer can replenish any losses to heat exhaustion, which perfectly exemplifies a day of relaxing in the south of the Spain.

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