Disco Ice Skating at Ice Zoo

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Posted 2016-11-05 by Lucindafollow
Ice, ice, skating. Ice, ice, skating. Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen.

Every Saturday, the family-friendly rink at Ice Zoo has a Live DJ for Disco on Ice. There are two sessions: one from 6pm to 7:30pm, and one from 8pm to 9:30pm.

If you're a tad on the sadistic side, you might delight in watching your friends fall down as they try get the hang of ice skating. It takes time, but eventually they'll pick it up and be racing around the rink before you can even blink. And if not, there are always little penguins on hire. These are a bit on the expensive side at $8, so unless you're willing to pay that money, you're better off holding onto a friend (or make friends with a stranger) and hope for the best. Worst-case scenario: you both fall over and knock out a few teeth.

If you love a bit of competition, find a friend and race each other on the ice. Even if you're not the winner, you can just pretend that you are. Maybe the rest of your friends will think it was a tie.

A few tips
One tip my good friend Phoebe told me was to hire skates that are a shoe size smaller than your usual size. I'm not sure exactly why, (probably something to do with them not falling off maybe), but I trust Phoebe so you should too.

Another tip is to only hold hands if at least one of you is adequate at ice skating. Hand-holding while skating will only lead to the both of you falling over. It's a double catastrophe. Now, while that'll be hilarious to your friends, it won't be to you. Hand-holding seems cute in the movies, but it's not. Wear thick socks and jeans to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Due to the temperature of the ice rink, your breaths come out as clouds of fog. Use this opportunity to pretend you're in a movie, and say some movie quotes to your friends…"I'll never let go Jack. I'll never let go."

If you love music (which I'm pretty sure most people do), then here's a tip for you. At the Disco ice skating, there is a Live DJ on the ice in the centre of the rink. You can skate up to him and suggest a song which he'll add to his lineup of songs. I recommended for him to play YMCA. It was AMAZEBALLS when everyone in the rink joined in for the dance moves.

You might end the night with blisters the size of golf balls and a sore bottom from landing on the ice one too many times, but there'll also be a giant smile... with a few teeth missing.

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