Top 3 Dessert Cafes in Sydney

Top 3 Dessert Cafes in Sydney


Posted 2012-03-01 by Bec Ninnessfollow
It needs to be said from the outset that I am a very big fan of dessert. That is to say I am a big fan of sweets in general. So big a fan that my friends often mock me for my love of cake. But this doesn't worry me in the slightest, for as long as I've got something sweet to eat, I'm a happy camper.

Being a lover of desserts and having such a sweet tooth, I must admit my idea of heaven is a whole restaurant, cafe or bar dedicated to desserts and all things sweet. I really could not think of anything better and my only problem when walking into such utopias is choosing what to have. It is not uncommon for me to get incredibly flustered trying to decide between this sweet and that sweet while my friends look on impatiently.

Luckily for me Sydney seems to have a lot of options for a dedicated dessert lover such as myself. But lately I have been wondering just where in this great city does the best dessert restaurant reside? And more importantly, have I stumbled across it in my food travels or is it yet to be uncovered? I'll let you be the judge of that, but to get you started here are a few of my favourites:

1. Adriano Zumbo

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, I am a huge fan of the sweets and pastries at Adriano Zumbo . I haven't come across another sweetery that has been as inventive or interesting as this one and I really admire all the thought that goes into developing these desserts and all the attention to detail that you can see in each and every one of them. And lets not forget they taste incredible.

2. Sea Sweet

Sea Sweet is a gem of a dessert cafe located on Parramatta's Church Street. I had walked past it one day on the way to meeting a friend and was so intrigued that I vowed to come back another day to try its wares. And when I did I was rewarded with delectable Middle Eastern sweets that really hit the spot. Do yourself a favour and try the Halawet El Jebn rolls and I promise you won't be disappointed. And for those who would rather try some less exotic European sweets they cater for your tastes too.

3. Chocolateria San Churro

Another lovely dessert cafe is Chocolateria San Churro which has locations dotted around the city. The churros are delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and really are a taste explosion when dunked in the pot of melted chocolate which comes in a variety of flavours. They also do a mean hot chocolate and if churros aren't to your taste then they have plenty of other sweets on offer to delight.

And now it's over to you - where do you think Sydney's best dessert cafe is hiding?

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