Departure: Season 1 - TV Series Review

Departure: Season 1 - TV Series Review


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Flight 716 with more than 250 passengers on board vanish over the Atlantic Ocean. Investigator Kendra Malley is called in to lead the team of Transport and Safety and Investigation Bureau searching for the missing aircraft.

Length: each episode lasts about 41 minutes.
Languages: English
Subtitles: English

Departure is a six-part television series with Archie Panjabi and Christopher Plummer in the leading roles. Archie Panjabi is Kendra, the investigator with a deep knowledge of aircraft, satellites and computers. Christopher Plummer is Howard, the senior manager of the investigating team of the vanished aeroplane.

The series has enough enticing elements to feed curiosity. Panjabi and Plummer deliver great performances.

Christopher Plummer was interviewed by Radhika Marya in September 2020. Plummer was extremely pleased when he was offered the part of Howard Lawson in the television series Departure. Lawson is the mentor of Kendra Malley, the investigator in charge of the team searching for the missing aircraft. Plummer liked the part of Lawson because it is fascinating, the fact that someone who seems to be is not what the people expect.

Plummer also was drawn to the role because it meant working side by side with the great actress Panjabi. Plummer had few interactions with other cast members while filming, the majority of the scenes were shot with Panjabi.

Plummer was 90 years old when filming the first series Departure. The second season of Departure is currently filming. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the scenes were shot in Plummer's house.

Unfortunately, Christopher Plummer passed away at the age of 91 in his home in Weston, Connecticut. Plummer was mostly known for his role as the stern Captain Von Tropp in the 1965 movie The Sound of Music. The actor had many roles across his career that expanded six decades.

Departure - Season 1 is free to watch on SBS On Demand:
Transport Safety and Investigations Bureau personnel team:

Archie Panjabi as Kendra Malley: a TSIB investigator and lead investigator looking into the crash of Flight 716

Christopher Plummer as Howard Lawson: the senior manager of the TSIB and Kendra's mentor

Kris Holden-Ried as Dominic Hayes: a TSIB investigator and Kendra's partner

Florence Ordesh as Rose Tate

Peter Mensah as Levi Hall: a senior TSIB investigator

Claire Forlani as Janet Friel: an MI5 officer assigned to the investigation

Tamara Duarte as Nadia: a TSIB investigator

Mark Rendall as Theo: a TSIB investigator

British Global Airlines Flight 716 crew and passengers:

Allan Hawco as Richard Donovan: the pilot of Flight 716

Tyler Fayose as Arthur Delaney: the co-pilot of Flight 716

Chloe Farnworth as Leah Sims: a flight attendant on Flight 716

Rebecca Liddiard as Madelyn Strong: the sole survivor of Flight 716

Kristian Bruun as Daniel Hoffman: a passenger on Flight 716

Emilio Doorgasingh as Hassan Esmaili: a former Iranian terrorist and secret Israeli double agent, who is a passenger on Flight 716

More characters:

Alexandre Bourgeois as AJ Malley: Kendra's adopted son

Shazad Latif as Ali Basra: Madelyn Strong's boyfriend

Evan Buliung as Derek Strong: Madelyn Strong's father

Sasha Roiz as Pavel Bartok: the CEO of Bartok Airways

Chantelle Han as Su-Lin Donovan: Richard Donovan's wife

Ryan Pierce as Hugh Keehlar: Richard Donovan's secret husband

Dougray Scott as Ethan Moreau: the CEO of British Global Air

Mark Lutz as Gavin Malley: Kendra's late husband

Paris Jefferson as Gillian Malley: Gavin's sister

Creator: Vince Shiao

Director: T.J. Scott

Production on season 2 is currently underway.


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