Dendy Street Beach

Dendy Street Beach


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can really be regarded as two in one - or even three in one - by virtue of the beach's topography. In this regard it can be said to share the qualities of Sandringham Beach, and these two closeby spots together make an excellent pairing for those keen to make the very most of a sun-soaked weekend.

A good place to begin your afternoon or weekend at Dendy Street visit is atop Green's Point. This is an outstanding little spot to sit quietly and just take in the Bay for a time.

What's more, not only is there a truly outstanding view of Melbourne CBD from this vantage point, but there is also a generous park to wile away the afternoon in the sun.

Setting down the hill and onto the beaches proper, you'll find yourself first in a little cove aka Holloway Street Beach. This is comparatively little used but eminently lovely beach that well suits those who wish to come with kids for a splash in the shallows or to build sandcastles hour-by-hour.

Then, there is the 'main' beach. Full of the iconic beach boxes that have made it so famous‚ here is a strip of sand to both splash around in the water AND take in the variety of ways folks are enjoying the beach.

Indeed‚ beyond a swim and suntan alone‚ whether it is a young kids with a bucket and spade‚ a game of beach football - or the many people who are walking along and snapping pics of beach boxes - this is a fantastic place to take in the wide diversity Melbourne has to offer both in the beauty of the beach boxes, and how folks find ways to use them.

Further afield‚ there is the 'northern' section of the beach. For those who visit the beach for use of the water in the main - and so not so fussed about grabbing a good spot on the sand to read a book or picnic - this is the best place to pop in.

With the water meeting a long stretch of the coast along this strip‚ this is the ideal spot for wind surfers‚ boogie boarders and yes‚ swimmers (though of course doing so while watching out for the wind surfers as you do).

In sum, alongside a number of other great beaches across Bayside - including the equally famed Half Moon Bay - is very much a 'must visit' beach in Melbourne.

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