Demonic - Movie Review

Demonic - Movie Review


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When detective Mark Lewis is called to a disturbance at a house in rural Louisiana, he finds three people murdered and one survivor, a young man named John, who is the only suspect for the crime. The detective calls in psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, who tries to get John to tell her what happened and where they might find John's girlfriend Michelle and her ex-boyfriend Bryan, who have gone missing. John tells her how he and the rest of the group came to the house to perform a seance, hoping to speak to the spirits of another group of people who were murdered in the house years earlier.

Demonic (2015) was written by Max La Bella, Canon and Doug Simon and directed by Will Canon. James Wan (director of Saw, The Conjuring, The Nun , and M3gan) is listed as one of the producers, so his name is somewhat misleadingly attached to the trailer. It's a watchable, if not very original or frightening, supernatural horror movie. The story is partly made up of scenes about the police investigation of the crime scene, which have an odd, 90's feel to them, as well as scenes of the psychologist talking to John. The rest of it is told through found footage taken by the group of young idiots who were trying to capture evidence of paranormal activity on camera. While this device has been used before many times it is at least used well in this movie and adds to the ominous picture the police are building about what went on in the house.

Dustin Milligan (from Final Destination 3, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Schitt's Creek) does his best with the dialogue he is given. At one point he tells the police that he would never hurt his girlfriend "because she's pregnant". I really hope that's not the only reason, dude. Maria Bello (from Coyote Ugly and Lights Out) as the doctor and Frank Grillo (from Boss Level and The Purge: Anarchy) as the detective both deliver competent performances.

I didn't find this movie scary at all, although the effects looked fine. I think the writing and the acting just didn't quite sell the fear enough. The backstory was interesting but led to a predictable ending.

Demonic is not a terrible movie, it just isn't great either. It would probably appeal more to someone who finds ghosts and demons scary.


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