Delicates - Book Review

Delicates - Book Review


Posted 2022-10-15 by Marisa Quinn-Haisufollow
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Delicates is a graphic novel for readers aged between 9 and 12 that was written and illustrated by Brenna Thummler. It is 315-pages long and was published by Oni Press on 24 March 2021. Brenna Thummler is an author, illustrator, and comic book artist from Pennsylvania, USA. Delicates is the sequel to her first original graphic novel Sheets, which came out in 2018. In Sheets, we meet the character of Marjorie Glatt, a 13-year-old girl, who has been struggling with a lot since the death of her mother. Her father is deeply depressed so she has been taking care of her brother, she does all the work in their family business Glatt's Laundry, while also dealing with the stress of school. Her life changes forever when she meets Wendell, a ghost dressed in white sheets, who comes to her seeking friendship. Together, the two of them work to save her family business.

In Delicates, we see that Marjorie Glatt's life has changed a lot since she met Wendell and learnt about the existence of ghosts in Sheets. Her family's laundromat is doing better and Marjorie is fitting in better at school. After she joins a popular clique, Marjorie starts to worry that if her new friends learn about Wendell, she will be mocked and teased like her classmate Eliza Duncan. Eliza believes in ghosts and is determined to capture a photograph of one. As she becomes more vocal about her belief in ghosts, Eliza becomes the target of bullying. Will Marjorie exclude both Wendell and Eliza so she can fit in with the cool kids?

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Delicates. I struggled to finish Sheets. I picked it up and put it down twice before I finally got through it. And after I finished it, I didn't review it, because I didn't feel like I had enough of a strong opinion about it. When I picked up Delicates, I wondered if I would struggle to finish it as well. But Delicates really surprised me with how good it was. I enjoyed it a lot more than Sheets. I felt like the plot was stronger, more emotional, and more engaging. I really liked Marjorie's storyline in Delicates. She wasn't a very likeable character in the book but I also felt that her actions, while being very selfish, were also very believable. Marjorie excluding Wendell and Eliza so she could fit in with the cool kids wasn't very nice of her, but that's how teenagers act sometimes. They can be cruel and selfish because they're still growing up and figuring things out.

I felt really bad for Wendell in this book. In Sheets, we learned that he died when he was still just a kid. In Delicates, he talks about the life he wished he could have lived, and the dreams and aspirations he had when he was alive. Marjorie is pretty mean to Wendell in Delicates. She is embarrassed to be seen with him around other people and laughs at him when he tells her that he wanted to dance ballet as a kid because she can't picture a ghost doing ballet. This hurts Wendell's feelings. He feels like he has to constantly remind Marjorie that he used to be a real boy. While Wendell wishes that he was not a ghost, Eliza Duncan feels like such a social outcast at school, she might as well be a ghost herself.

I thought that Delicates was a great book that takes the seeds of a story that was planted in Sheets and grows it into something more. Thummler's artwork was once again superb and I liked how she was able to use ghosts as an analogy to tell a story about bullying.

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