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This nature reserve is located in Lanchang, Pahang, Malaysia; this is about 2 hours away from the Capital Kuala Lumpur.

The website says: "Learn about the jungle; get in touch with your spiritual inner self. Feed the animals; appreciate what nature have to offer."

When you attend some of this is true, there is certainly a sense that you are in the jungle, it is landscaped in such a way that it retains a great deal of its natural beauty and feeling. There are many different types of animals, and in many cases you can get in and up close to them, or pet and feed them. One such example is the deer, after which the park is named and what makes up the bulk of the land allocation. There are three different types of deer on display at the park. The Javan Rusa, the Sika and the Sambar.

The area in which they are kept is vast and provides a free and natural environment for them to roam. In saying this as soon as they see visitors they flock around the gates and wait. They have learned that we will soon be entering their enclosure with snacks, or at the very least feeding them from the fence line.

This is a very nice experience and my kids loved it, even my youngest, who was 7 and generally scared of animals got involved. The deer can be pushy, but generally are very docile obviously knowing they will all get some food. The deer are the first animals you encounter on the meandering trip down dirt and rock paths. Winding downhill from the deer a menagerie of other animals awaits.

The animals encountered include the Sun Bear, a plethora of bird life, rabbits and guinea pigs and one of the cutest things you will ever see a mouse deer. These are tiny spindly legged creatures, which funnily enough do looks like a large mouse on tiny deer legs. It is one of the more unusual creatures at the reserve.

The highlight for me was the pythons. There were two of these monsters being wrangled by a young Malay man when we approached he picked one up and unceremoniously thrust it upon me. Before I knew it I was holding a6 foot long python. Next thing I know my 11 year old son was holding a larger yellow Burmese python, the look of trepidation and fear on his face was priceless. The snakes were handed around my family, around the shoulders, held at arm's length or winding around the arms. As we walked away the keeper wandered off leaving the snakes to slither around freely, scaring a small group behind us.

I do not know about the claim that you will, 'get in touch with your spiritual inner self', but it is certainly an experience not to be missed if visiting Malaysia.

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