Dee Brief - Series Review

Dee Brief - Series Review


Posted 2018-12-04 by Olga Junekfollow

Two friends, two different personalities, two different views on life. Can this work? Yes, it can and the result is a sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny, but always authentic look at life from the perspective of Dee and Kate. This is a comedy mixed with drama and all the vagaries of the single life.

Set in inner Melbourne, this friendship story has many elements that women of all ages, but in particular, those in the 25-35 age group will identify with. There is heartbreak, online dating, overeating and then trying to fit into jeans, parties, wine-fuelled conversations and of course sex, too. Above all else, there is the friendship between Kate and Dee that has its differences, tensions, closeness, girlfriend support, and love.

Based loosely on real stories, Dee-Brief explores the familiar aftermath of breaking-up and its foibles that many viewers may be familiar with, including the temptation of texting the ex after a glass too many and the sense of loneliness on becoming the half of a whole.

There is lots of laughter too, sometimes at the funny side of Dee and Kate's life, but sometimes out of a sense "yes, I have been there and yes, I have done that". There are pets, there are online dating scenarios familiar to many and there are the conversations and arguments between the two which often take on a tinge of the absurd. Oh, and there is a slight dig at the hipster life in inner Melbourne, complete with its cafe culture, post-modern art and the use of 'space'.

The characters of Dee and Kate, played by Alexandra Hines and Chloe Martin, are very likeable despite some of their annoying characteristics. At times this feels less like a film but more like observing two friends in real life situations. The two actors bring their characters very much to life.

Dee-Brief screens this Friday the 7th December on 10 Peach, and on 10 Play. Check out the Facebook page too. You could even have your own Dee Brief watch party, now that would be fun!

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