Dedica Festival: Luis Sepúlveda

Dedica Festival: Luis Sepúlveda


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Sat 07 Mar 2015 - Sat 14 Mar 2015

Pordenone is now a famous destination for the PordenoneLegge festival, held in September, however in March there's another nice event that highlights the artistic scene too: it's called Dedica Festival and it will last from March 7 to March 14.

Dedica is Italian for "dedication". Each year the main topic and theme will be conducted around an international and cultural celebrity who belongs to the world of arts, theatre, music and literature.

What is the intent of this Festival? First of all, the event is planned and organised by Thesis cultural association, which has the basic mission to develop the current artistic scenery and involve people in this evolving process. So, Luis Sepúlveda is the featured character for this yearly edition.

The famous author will be present at local meetings and debates on his works and life's reports. Personally, I came to know of this magnificent happening one year ago, even though it had been present in the area since the last decade. I hope everyone who drops in Pordenone will have the chance to take part in it, as it is an unique occasion to meet one of the most well-known and best writer worldwides.

Sepúlveda, who is of Chilean background, in addition to be a writer, a poet and a journalist, is also a film director and a political activist. Hence, what a perfect time to grasp some of his words and quotes!

Thesis association is also keen on reaching young people, especially those who are attending high schools and colleges. The programme, funded and supported by sponsors, benefactors and working volunteers, will reach different venues around the city.

The opening ceremony will be at The Verdi theatre , followed, within the week, by Sepulveda's last book launch, a poem reading and theatre performances at San Francesco 's cloister and the Auditorium Concordia, as well as the concert planned at Deposito Giordani (a former bus depot now converted in a small concert hall) together with an Italian band known as Modena City Ramblers . Moreover, Dedica Festival has arranged different writing contests for young and University students, all focused on the author's books.

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