Death on the Nile - Film Review

Death on the Nile - Film Review


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I heard a review on the radio, that talked about the differences between the original film and this film, and his dislikes of all the CGI that was used in the new version, and that it was not as good as the first. I have not seen the first film, so my review is solely on the merits of this film.

Firstly, I have to say, I like the beginning, showing why Poirot has such a weird and wonderful moustache. Next comes the sheer extravagance of the roaring '30s, in which the rich indulged just for the fun of being indulgent. The cast and the costumes were splendid and really took you back to the era. The jazz of the era was also well sung and danced to.

As far as the obvious CGI parts of Egypt, I thought they did incredibly well in putting it all together, and it seems to reflect what the area may have looked like in the '30s instead of the commercialised sights that would be there now. Yes, the scenes were romanticised a little, but who wouldn't want it to look like that in real life - I think I would! Or I could imagine the smell of dirty camels and grit in my eyes and mouth from the sand!

The cast were wonderful, and not seeing the original film and not reading the book, it was a good guessing game of who committed the murders, which Poirot the master of solving, of course.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and to me, it was no different than seeing any other CGI topped-up film, which are being made by the bucket full nowadays.

If you were in love with the original, then maybe this film is not for you, but I believe it steers along a slightly different path, so maybe the answer is to see this one too and compare notes.

Either way, it's a good night out if you like murder mysteries.

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