Dear Mama, There's Something Maybe I Should Tell You

Dear Mama, There's Something Maybe I Should Tell You


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Wed 27 Apr 2022 - Fri 20 May 2022

Dear Mama, There's Something Maybe I Should Tell You...

Catch the romantic comedy 'Dear Mama, There's Something Maybe I Should Tell You…' written by Lansy Feng and produced by Wit incorporated at the Bluestone Church Arts Space Footscray , Brunswick Mechanics Institute and Bowery Theatre until 20 May. Book your tickets here .

Li-Ting (Lansy Feng) from Taiwan falls in love online with Charles (Anthony Pontonio) from Paris and they decide to meet in Melbourne, Australia to make their relationship real. When Charles fails to arrive, Li-Ting heads to her St Kilda share accommodation for a 'baptism of fire' by her 'motley crew' of housemates.

Frankie (Sasha Leong) is the landlord and the proud owner of two properties and has a long list of house rules. Sam (James Lau) is a camp wannabe lawyer who has no filter and loves to party. Jordan (Sonia Marcon) is a beer-loving 'Aussie Sheila' recently separated and feels for Li-Ting and her situation. Alex (Georgia Radley) is a Scottish lassie who desperately needs visa sponsorship and Ash (Meg Farrough) is a busking musician.

Alas, it is a culture shock for Li-Ting to say the least. From drinking beer at barbeques to late night karaoke and navigating share house life and relationships is a big learning curve.

Li-Ting is hopeful Charles will turn up eventually, despite her housemates suspecting she is the victim of 'catfishing'. However, Charles is not responding to her text messages, and Mama keeps calling Li-Ting's mobile phone, unaware she has fled Taiwan for Australia.

Sure enough, not everything is as simple as it seems. Li-Ting's heart is torn between devotion to her Taiwanese family and traditions and her newfound freedoms and opportunities in Australia. It is a tug-o-war of the heartstrings and cultural expectations – what happens if Li-Ting chooses to be happy? Will she bring shame to her ancestors? Will her family disown her? And then her Taiwanese fiancé (Michael Chan) appears…

Directed by Ellen O'Connor and Assistant Director Emma Drysdale there are fantastic moments in this play including a Brittany Spears dance-off and a solo acoustic rendition of Bachelor Girl's Buses and Trains by Ash (Meg Farrough).

The show caters to diverse audiences through language, casting, relaxed and AUSLAN interpreted performances at local community venues, which is a great achievement and requires lots of work behind the scenes.

Each scene appears in English, French, and Mandarin on an airport departure and arrivals board above the central action. Lansy sings in English, Mandarin, and French including a rendition of Edith Piaf's 'La vie en rose' with her ukulele which Charles also sings in French.

Make sure you see 'Dear Mama, There's Something Maybe I Should Tell You…' and enjoy the laughter, the tears, and the dancing!

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