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Daylesford Cider


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On a recent visit to the United Kingdom I was amazed to find that the traditional English pub is disappearing at a staggering rate and that cider, in terms of sales at least, is rapidly overtaking lager as the 'Pommie' drink of choice. Is it possible that we in Australia might be heading down the same path?

A quick Google search reveals that the industry body Cider Australia currently has 68 members around the nation, some strange names like the Cheeky Grog Company, Custard & Co, Snakes and Ladders Cider and Square Keg, all churning out their version of one of the world's oldest drinks, dating back to medieval times and beyond.

All this meant that when on a recent drive through Central Victoria I happened upon a road sign pointing to I just had to check it out.'

Before I saw an apple or bottle of cider I was blown away by the English style Tavern and grounds. It's hard to imagine a better spot to pull up and indulge in some great cider and fine food – indoors in front of a roaring fire in winter or outdoors in a lovely garden setting during the warmer months.

There are 7500 varieties of apple worldwide so you might be forgiven for thinking that the potential for cider flavours was limitless but in the world of cider production, all apples ain't apples.

Just 17 varieties have been heritage listed for the manufacture of cider and produces a range of authentic full flavoured ciders using those 17 varieties organically grown right here on the property – something that makes unique in the Australian industry.

The product ranges from the traditional 'still' cider with its very dry palate to the carbonated and sweeter varieties.

Hosts Mackie and Clare are warm & friendly and intent on making your cider tasting a memorable event.

At just $10 their 'tasting paddle' featuring 7 samples is the ideal way to get started. Weekends feature live entertainment and a seasonal menu.

The couple can also cater for special & corporate events and weddings with their large dining room which accommodates 60 seated guests and a smaller room 30 seated guests.

Orchard and Cidery tours taking roughly an hour are available and include a private cider tasting. Advanced bookings are essential.

What's that old saying, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Well I haven't checked with my GP yet to determine whether or not half a pint of cider fits that bill but I do know that some research shows cider contains high levels of beneficial antioxidants, with half a pint of cider being roughly equivalent to a glass of red wine in terms of the amount of antioxidants ingested.
Surely that in itself is reason enough for at least one visit to .

Getting There …..

is just minutes from central Daylesford via the Daylesford – Trentham Road, Leitches Creek Road and Dairy Flat Road.

Take care on Leitches Creek Road as the turn-off to Dairy Flat Road is not well sign-posted.

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