Top 5 Day Hikes in Perth

Top 5 Day Hikes in Perth


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Beyond Perth's city centre, endless adventures await you. Take a short trip to explore Perth's natural history on a day hike along these trails:

Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail - 28km one way
On the shores of Lake Joondalup, 30 minute north of the Perth via the Mitchell Freeway, is the start of the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail. The trail name is Aboriginal - Yaberoo (people of north of Perth), and Budjara (the land).

The 28km hike begins at Neil Hawkins Park in Wanneroo, heading north across five sections, ending at Yanchep National Park. It was originally used by the Yellagonga tribe and European settlers later moved cattle along the route.

The western bank of the lake will be at your right shoulder for the entire walk. Soon after beginning, look out for a former Aboriginal camp, surrounded by peppermint trees.

Cross over Burns Beach Rd, entering Neerabup National Park and nearby limestone quarries. Climb the ridge Waukolup Hill for views of the Indian Ocean.

Back on the trail, Jarrah trees lead to a former light horse campsite. Beneath Sheoak trees in the woodland, the landscape opens up to patches of heath, with broad views. Survivors of the "haunted" 1963 Alkimos shipwreck recovered at the nearby wilderness campsite, perhaps telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Cross Romeo Road, passing Tuart gumtrees to reach a 1970s winery. BYO if you're thirsty though, the former owners didn't leave any freebies in the wine cellar.

Visit the beach at Pipidinny Road, before forging through a series of swamps. Follow the birdsong past the sand dunes to reach Banksia woodland.

The trail ends near White's Grotto, a natural amphitheatre, and Loch McNess. Sadly for cryptozoologists and conspiracy theorists, there are no sightings of giant sea monsters in the peaceful water.

To plan your hike, visit Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail .
Abyssinia Rock - 11km return, 4 hours
Abyssinia is a tricky name for this local natural wonder. Instead of a link to the former Ethiopian Empire, it's a giant granite rock, streaked with patches of moss and wildflowers.

This walk is part of the 1000km Bibbulmun Track, leading from Perth, through the south-west of WA, to Albany.

Begin on this small piece of the track by driving east from Perth for an hour on the Brookton Highway. Head toward powerlines which cross the highway near Kinsella Road.

The trail heads south, turning in a dogleg to the right about halfway. Look for the red posts with a yellow snake symbol, placed at 500m intervals along the entire Bibbulmun Track.

This section of the Darling Range is an eerie forest of Jarrah trees. The bark has black scars from the bushfires and controlled burns, but as Jeff Goldblum says, "Life finds a way" . Even after the worst bushfires in a century in 2004, green shoots glow against the ashen scrub.

To plan your hike to Abyssinia Rock, visit Bibbulmun Track .

King Jarrah Trail - 18km circuit, 6 hours
The King Jarrah hasn't revealed its age, thought to be between 300 and 600 years old. Lesser trees might have had a nip and tuck to stay youthful, but the king knows beauty is on the inside after surviving countless bushfires. Whether young at 300 or going grey at 600, he's 47m tall and still growing.

To reach The King, drive 90 minute south to Dwellingup via the Kwinana Freeway.

Start at Nanga Mill, heading clockwise on Murray Valley Rd, keeping to the Murray River as you weave south down North Junction Form through the imposing forest of jarrahs, the king's younger relatives.

The trail veers right at Big Brook, leading onto King Jarrah Form - the final stretch to the King. Look up for birds flitting through the treetops and look down for the fungi growing brightly on the tree trunks and forest floor.

You'll need a friend to surround the King with a human-tree hug. The King Jarrah has a diameter of almost 2.7m.

Go slow up the climbs near former railway bridges, and track the numbers on the trees. Loggers used these markers like breadcrumbs to find their way home.

If you'd prefer to tackle the tougher climb section of the circular trail first, head anti-clockwise from the start point at Nanga Mill.

To plan your hike on the King Jarrah Trail, visit Parks WA .
Boonering Hill - 17km return, 5 hours
In the bushland near a former mining town, Boonering Hill is one of the high points to survey the granite outcrops and get swept up by the region's gold fever.

Head toward Boddington, a mining town 120km southeast of Perth. On the 90 minute drive via the Albany Highway, you'll enter the Dwellingup State Forest. Watch for the signposted Bibbulmun Track access point, and park at Wearne Road. If you see the Shell Station at N Bannister-Wandering Rd, you've gone about 3km too far.

This small section of the 1000km Track cuts through a blue gum plantation, forest of jarrah trees, and the bright yellows, reds, oranges and pinks of feather flowers. The delicate blossoms are enchanting in a sometimes cold granite backdrop, but please don't pick up any souvenirs. Some species are in decline, and they are tricky to cultivate.

Overlooked by 3 imposing mountains, Vincent, Cooke and Randall, the power to the top of Boonering Hill. Catch your breath as you survey the nearby Boddington Gold Mine for any golden nuggets shining in the sunlight. Sadly, the mine's owners don't have a "finders, keepers" rule, but you can apply for a job .

To plan your hike to Boonering Hill, visit boonering-hill Explore Oz .

Boyagin Rock - 17km circuit, 8 hours
After a Weetbix challenge , head for Boyagin Nature Reserve, a native habitat surrounded by the vast grain farms and silos in the heart of Wheatbelt country.

Reach the start point on a 2hr drive east on the Brookton Highway. You'll pass state and national parks, before turning right onto York-Williams Rd at Jelcobine. Turn right at Boyagin Rd and left into Frogmouth Rd.

The walk begins peacefully, in a forest of powderbark, jarrah, and marri trees. Amongst these wide tree trunks, granite boulders are scattered at haphazard angles, as though giants tossed the stones in a massive game of marbles.

Explore the mess of granite, climbing over rocks and inspecting caves smoothed out by centuries of wind and rain, painted with wildflowers clutching to the surface.

In summer, the resemble crushed pin cushions, but after winter rain, the "resurrection plant" bursts with a new colour as the flower blossoms.

To plan your hike to the Boyagin Rock, visit Parks WA .
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