David Strassman in the Chocolate Diet

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Posted 2023-09-03 by Sarah Corkfollow

Sun 22 Oct 2023 - Sun 05 Nov 2023

Everyone loves chocolate

Of course, chocolate is tasty, but everyone should have a healthy diet. There is nothing wrong with having some chocolate in moderation, but it's important to have lots of other, healthy and fresh foods. That is true, even for teddy bear puppets! Yes, even poor Ted E. Bare has to watch his weight. It doesn't seem fair that a teddy bear has to exercise, and yet he does.

David Strassman is an incredible ventriloquist and comedian and he is bringing his wonderful act to Mandurah. David Strassman in the Chocolate Diet is going to delight people, young(er) and old.

Ted E. Bare and the very evil Chuck Wood are coming to surprise and delight audiences. But don't be fooled. Chuck Wood is going through an identity crisis and he might even decide to be a good puppet in the future! Yeah, right!

At the same time, you will be able to laugh and sympathise with poor Ted E. Bare as he tries to be healthier. Chocolate isn't the only thing that you should be eating, but it is a tasty treat sometimes. Unfortunately, Ted E. Bare is going to have to start eating salads and hitting the gym if he wants to get fit and healthy.

While this all happens, David Strassman will be making you laugh until you cry! He has delighted audiences around the world, from London to New York and all around Australia too. If you have seen his work before, you're going to know how funny and quick Strassman can be. And if you have enjoyed it before, you will love it all again!

This hour and a half show will delight all adults, but it probably isn't suitable for children even though there are puppets involved! Tickets are selling out fast, but you can still secure some now. Tickets start at $59 per person. If you get yourself some tickets, you will want to head to the Boardwalk Theatre in Mandurah, on either Sunday, the 22nd of October or Sunday, the 5th of November. The performance will begin at 6pm so get there a bit earlier. Spend some time with your favourite puppets then go home and a lot of chocolate!

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