Dave Wickerham, Theatre Organist at The Capri

Dave Wickerham, Theatre Organist at The Capri


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Sun 15 Nov 2015

By popular demand, The Theatre Organ Society TOSA (SA) is proud to present for your entertainment, world renown theatre organist, David Wickerham, from USA, at the console of the Wurlitzer, on Sunday 15 December at 2.00 pm at The Capri Theatre.

Dave Wickerham toured Australia and New Zealand in 2003 and 2012 to rave reviews. If the accolades he received at his concert at the American Theatre Organ Society 2015 Convention are any indication of how popular his organistic talents are, this concert at The Capri will be one his audience will remember for many years.

Dave frequently enjoys performing to many audiences including various chapters of the American Theatre Organ Society. In 1999 he was feature artist playing the 5/34 "Roxy" Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ at the Roxy Pizza Parlour located in the Fiesta Hotel on the new strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2011 Dave was acclaimed as Theatre Organist of the Year by the American Theatre Organ Society.

Dave Wickerham - I'm Beginning To See The Light. Courtesy of Ian McLean

Some selected highlights from a review of Dave Wickenham's 2012 concert performance at The Capri Theatre: "From the moment he rose to Music, Music, Music, the keynote was impeccable musicianship. …every piece was given its own unique set of registrations, as for example the bagpipes introduction to Amazing Grace, the piano in Nola, the drum introduction to 76 Trombones with its passage played on the harp, the rousing Hold That Tiger, and the introspective ballads like Deep Purple, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Over The Rainbow."The many delighted comments that I heard and smiling faces seen during interval, after the concert, and for weeks afterwards, amply demonstrated the unanimous opinion of those present. All I really need to do, therefore, is to repeat my opinion of his 2003 Capri concert that "Ï have NEVER heard a finer performance in my 74 years". Well, I'm now 83 and can honestly write the same words again." By Brian Pearson, TOSA (SA) Newsletter.
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