Darling Downs Zoo

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, located approximately 2 hours drive from Logan, features animals from Africa, South America, South-East Asia as well as Australia. These animals have come from other zoos or wildlife parks, private breeders or have been rescued from injury or abandonment. Many species are part of global conservations programs.

is home to an impressive list of animal species and is the only zoo in Queensland where you can see African Lions, White Lions, Servals, Meerkats, Barbary Sheep, Addax, Brazilian Tapir, Capybara, Mara, Greater Rhea, Hamadryas Baboons, Blackbuck Antelope and Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

Animal enclosures are grouped according to geographical region and provide open and naturalistic settings. Visitors are welcome to wander through the zoo or follow zoo keepers as they present educational discussions at various enclosures. The latter is highly advisable - most stops involve the feeding of animals and visitors are more likely to obtain close viewings the animals.

Educational presentations are delivered for crocodiles, Asian monkeys, Sumatran tigers, giraffes, meerkats, white lions, Brazilian tapir and South American birds and monkeys.

Enclosures are not accessible to visitors, although there are opportunities to feed some animals if and when they approach fencing. These animals include emus, ostriches, kangaroos, zebras, llamas and goats.

Animal encounters can be booked in advance for handling zebras, feeding the big cats through special apertures in their enclosures, feeding marmosets or meerkats and interacting with the zebras. Visitors also have the opportunity to hold a snake and have a photograph taken for free using personal camera or phone.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own food or purchase items from the onsite kiosk or daily sausage sizzle. Several tables and chairs are located in a well-shaded picnic area for families to relax.

is open 9am-4pm every day, with exception to Christmas Day. Entry prices can be found via their website.

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