Darkland: The Return - Film Review - Scandinavian Film Fest 2023

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Posted 2023-07-16 by Jenfollow

Thu 13 Jul 2023 - Wed 02 Aug 2023

Darkland is one of many films screening at the 2023 Scandinavian Film Festival in all states as per dates below. Be sure to check out the rest of the offerings at the film festival and download the pdf program here .

Darkland: The Return is from critically acclaimed director Fenar Ahmad and stars Dar Salim, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, and Stine Fischer Christensen. It's Danish with English subtitles. It's an action thriller and the anticipated successor to the Danish box office smash hit Darkland SCA17 with Dar Salim as the truth-seeking antihero Zaid. Now it has been 7 years since Surgeon Zaid went on a revenge spree in the criminal underworld to avenge his brother's death.

He's been in prison and now has a son Noah (Asgar Hansen) whom he doesn't really know, nor Noah him. Police agent Helle (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) needs him to finally nail the kingpin of the Copenhagen underworld who has eluded her time and again - Muhdir (Soheil Bavi), a powerful drug lord. In exchange, she promises him a release from prison so he can have a life with his estranged 7-year-old son. Only the two of them know about the deal and as far as the police are concerned, he's a thug in a gang. He's been supplied with trackers and recorders to get Helle more evidence that'll bring a definite conviction.

Darkland comes in hot and strong and it's an engaging film to watch with as much hard-hitting action as any made in Hollywood. Dar Salim is your anti-hero who has more performance prowess up his sleeves than you might initially think. Though his expressions seemingly don't give much away, he manages to evoke emotional responses when his eyes soften with tenderness when dealing with his family; gives out big brother vibes when he's watching out for the little guys; displays an uneasiness and reluctance when faced with violence he doesn't condone; and springs into believable action when called upon.

Overall there's nothing new in this formulaic film about going undercover and infiltrating a gang so Dar Salim could really shine as the lead. The same goes for the cool, calm and collected drug lord who hides the violence within him. He puts in a good performance and could have taken an opposing lead as strong as Salim, going head to head - but the script lets both of them down. There are a few nonsensical holes in the story, and it ends with a bit of a whimper, as the script quickly tries to tie it all up in a package that's not quite ready for delivery. What could have been strong Yippee-Ki-Yay, MF moments have been lost and not been taken advantage of, especially during the chase scenes, and thus fall a little flat at your feet. Overall, if you're not expecting to be surprised, or looking for a clever twist in the story, it's an entertaining enough film to while away a couple of hours.

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