5 Free Events at Dark Mofo Festival

5 Free Events at Dark Mofo Festival


Posted 2014-05-11 by Lionelfollow
More than 120 cities around the world including Brussels in Belgium , New York in the US and Amsterdam in the Netherlands have all been transformed into a giant night-time festival of arts, culture and performance. In Australia , Melbourne joined the White Night bandwagon in 2013. Not to be left out, Hobart has a celebration of the dark that keeps the city awake for nights.

Now in its 2nd year, Dark Mofo is using Hobart as a canvas for a large-scale public art project which encourages people to see the city in a different light and explore areas they have not seen. More than 120,000 people are expected to visit the city's shadowy nooks and crannies through a jam-packed programme running from 12 to 22 June. Here are 5 free events at the Festival to entice you to the darkside. For the detailed programme, visit the Dark Mofo website .

From 12 June - Different Rhythms by Ross Manning

Brisbane-based artist Ross Manning will dazzle visitors with his selection of light installations in 2 subterranean Hobart spaces. His "Different Rhythms" will transform these underused and under-the-radar locales into assemblages of science, art and music.

13 June - Articulated Intersect by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Gather after sunset by the water of Sullivans Cove as the darkening sky of Hobart is illuminated by 18 powerful lights. Through his work "Articulated Intersect", Rafael Lozano-Hemmer provides visitors with 6 mechanical levers around the waterfront which control 3 robotic searchlights that create a compound beam high above. As the different beams cross in the sky, they will pulsate autonomously in the darkness.

13 June - A Night at the Museum by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Although the exhibits will not come to life as night falls around the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, there will be plenty to keep visitors entertained including an exhibition by acclaimed Tasmanian artist Pat Brassington who uses the digital format to create an impressive body of images; a selection of surrealist films; a Lark Distillery whisky lounge; and food and drinks to keep the night abuzz.

17 June - Future Hobart 2014 with Vito Acconci

Visitors are invited to join New York artist Vito Acconci in a public forum about how public space in Hobart can be used in ways to maximise its potential. Vito Acconci will offer up a major piece of public architecture design for Hobart in response to the Queens Domain Master Plan. It proposes to re-link the Queen's Domain with its riverside precinct containing the Hobart Cenotaph.

19 June - Washing River 2014 by Yin Xiuzhen

Visitors to the Hobart waterfront will find a wall of ice assembled by Yin Xiuzhen, a luminary of Chinese contemporary art. It is an iteration of her project related to the polluted condition of the Funan River in Chengdu, China. She will be using water from the Derwent for her installation at the lip of Sullivans Cove. Visitors are welcomed to wash and melt the wall with the river water.

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