Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders - Film Review

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders - Film Review


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I wouldn't open that box. It looks too much like Jumanji.

A family come together to celebrate their wealthy patriarch's 80th birthday on his private island. They are surprised to find that the old man has had a huge mansion built, which they learn he calls "the Murder Castle". Now they must play a murder mystery game together if they want to get out alive.

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders (2022), not to be confused with the 2017 football film A Dangerous Game, is a gruesome thriller. It was directed by Sean McNamara (director of the 80s and 90s children's TV series The Secret World of Alex Mack, Kids Incorporated and That's So Raven, so he's heading in a new direction here). The cast includes the broody Jonathan Rhys Myers (from Gormenghast, The Tudors, and Velvet Goldmine) as Kyle, the heir to his father's company, Jon Voight (from Deliverance and Anaconda) as the elderly patriarch, and Megan Charpentier (from Creepshow, IT and Locke and Key) as his favourite grandchild.

Content Warning: Don't get attached to the cat.

The family gather outside.

I went into this movie not knowing much about it, and I was hoping for something a bit lighter and more fun to watch, like Ready or Not (2019), which starts off with a similar premise. Instead it was more like Escape Room (2019), but with less interesting puzzles. It relies more on shocking and disgusting the audience than giving them riddles to solve, although true crime fans might guess part of what's happening based on historical events.

Inside the Murder Castle.

The house itself is cool, although I was hoping for some Scooby Doo type fun with secret passages, and unfortunately, the characters don't actually get to explore very much.

We don't really get enough background to get to know these people, so it's hard to care very much about what happens to them, making their grisly demises (not really a spoiler, it's a horror movie) more gross than sad. The ending is surprising, but in an annoying, 'the butler did it' kind of way.

Kyle is not okay.

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders is gruesome, dark and frankly a bit disappointing. Watch it if you're bored, I suppose. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


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